Social Media Reacts to ‘Creed III’!

The latest installment in the Rocky franchise has finally hit the big screen, and we have the best social media reactions!

After years of anticipation, Creed III has finally been released. The film marks the ninth installment in the Rocky franchise and the first to be directed by star Micheal B. Jordan. This is also Jordan’s first film as a director. That’s a lot of pressure to put on a threequel; luckily, the film has been a significant hit with both audiences and critics. The film currently holds an 87% critic score and a 96% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes!


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Creed III also managed to set the box office on fire, becoming the biggest opening weekend for the franchise.

The film was also a hit worldwide, breaking global box office records as well.


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This box office success is a major win for movie theaters and the industry. People will show up for a movie if they love it, and people clearly love Creed III. Even filmmakers not involved with the film are taking note of its great success.

People are praising the technical aspects of the film, especially Jordan’s direction during the boxing matches. Jothan Major’s performance as the film’s villain is also getting a ton of love!

The film, and its two buff stars, have also inspired people to hit the gym. The movie is a rousing experience, and people have been leaving the theater feeling pumped!

With this much love and support going toward the movie, we can only hope that Creed IV isn’t too far away!

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