Snowpiercer S1 E1 Recap & After Show: Snowpiercer Pierces Into Great Start

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After the world freezes over, humanity is forced to live in a perpetually moving train circling the globe. Join us on the SNOWPIERCER AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW PODCAST as we take a long ride to see how long it takes for humanity to go off the rails. Subscribe and comment to stay up to date. 

Six years after a world climate crisis, most of what’s left of the population has ended up on one train. As the train makes its revolutions around frozen planet Earth, Layton finds himself moving from the “tail” end to the third class where he’s tasked to find a murderer. Melanie, the voice of the train, guides him through this new world where he rediscovers things as simple as strawberries–as well as rediscovers his ex-girlfriend, Zara. 
After Old Ivan hangs himself, the passengers of the tail class jump into revolution. Trying to make peace for his people, Layton agrees to work as the detective for the third class on the basis that no harm comes to the people who attempted to revolt. We’re left waiting in anticipation, wondering what will happen when Nikki wakes up in the sleeper train and how this will affect Layton and the members of the tail end.
Hosts: Rachel Goodman, Trina Dong, Bryant Santos, Ashleigh Morghan 

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