‘Snow Day’ Star Fabi Aguirre: Bringing To Life The Musical Reboot!

Snow Day star Fabi Aguirre talks about auditioning for Lane, performing in the snow, working with Laura Bell Bundy, and more!

Fabi Aguirre makes the transition from stage to film seamlessly! Aguirre caught the acting bug at a young age, beginning her career on Broadway when she was only 9, and never looked back. She is definitely a star you’re going to want to keep an eye out for.

Aguirre was able to talk with host Chae’ Jones during a Zoom interview to talk about her new movie Snow Day, performing dance choreography in the snow, working alongside Broadway star Laura Bell Bundy, and more!

Snow Day first premiered back in 2000, which made it the fourth movie in Nickelodeon Pictures’ history.

The latest installment is a musical reimagining of the beloved classic comedy film that follows a group of kids who discover that anything is possible when you break routines and take giant risks. While certain aspects changed within the film, it kept the heart of why fans loved the original and is a breath of fresh air that this generation is going to love.

When asked what her audition process was like for her character Lane, Aguirre said, “So I had the entire weekend to go through her, and I instantly fell in love with this character. She is so spunky, feisty, and sarcastic, and she will do anything for her best friend Hal Brandston, who is played by the incredible Ky Baldwin, my best friend. So I really got to explore her, and then I remember I auditioned on a Monday, and that Thursday, I was pinned for a callback.” Aguirre continued. “So I got to work with Mike Lembeck, our phenomenal director, and he gave me so much redirection, and I was like, whoa, this is awesome I’m learning so much. As the process went on, I did chemistry reads with the cast, and I ended up watching the movie after I found out I got. Because I did think it was important to keep Schuyler Fisk’s version of Lane, like her heart and essence, but definitely important as well to bring my own flair and personality and like my touch to the character. Because it’s a new generation, and it’s a musical!”

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Doing dance choreography in normal weather could be easy or hard depending on your level of dance experience, but how easy is it also to do the choreography in snow? “It was very tough to get used to at the beginning. We had a lot of slip and slides. You know, dancing in the jackets, and you know, it’s like dancing in a weighted vest. So it’s very…in the boots and everything. It’s tough to get used to in the beginning, but I think it took us maybe a rehearsal or two, and we were like, we got this. This is going to be fine, and we worked with our incredible choreographers, Heather Laura Gray and Kristian and Cassie Dalisay; they gave us so many tips to like make sure we would spread the snow a little bit so it could be a bit easier for us, but yes, no, it was hard to get used to, but we had got it down pretty quick. It was great.” Aguirre answered.

Aguirre isn’t the only Broadway alum in Snow Day. Laura Bell Bundy, known for originating Amber Von Tussle in Hairspray and Elle Woods in Legally Blonde the Musical, plays Hal and Natalie’s mom Linda Brandston. When asked what it was like to work with Bundy, Aguirre replied, “She is a sweetheart. She is so much fun, and actually, we didn’t…I didn’t know she was in Legally Blonde til I think she was like, you know Jerry Mitchell? The director of On Your Feet! and Legally Blonde. I was like no way, were you in Legally Blonde and she was like yes! So we sent a picture to Jerry, and she was a sweetheart. She’s the sweetest. She was so so much fun to work with.”

Snow Day is a fun movie for the whole family to watch together and is now streaming on Paramount Plus!

Find out what makes Aguirre feel the most like herself, her advice to young people who want to get into acting or musical theater, if she knew how to skate before filming, her dream acting role, and more by watching the full interview here!

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