‘sMothered’ Star Cher Hubsher Gives Quarantine Dating Advice

You may recognize Cher Hubsher from the hit TLC show sMothered, but she’s not only a reality star, but also a professional dating coach for NYC Wingwoman. She’s now using her experience to give us some juicy dating tips on finding love on ‘Moore with Sana’.

Before she was a dating coach, she was a nurse, but she began making a career out of matchmaking after her friends constantly asked her for dating advice.

During the pandemic, it’s been hard for some people to go places and date. But now that many things are virtual, Hubsher suggests that hopeful romantics try virtual speed dating to have a chance at finding love.

“Virtual speed dating which I think is pretty cool. You don’t have to go out, drive a friend, none of that like there are so many great ways still to meet people that are so unique.” she said cheerfully.

If you’re nervous about online dating, Hubsher might change your mind, because she and her husband met through a college Facebook group chat!

“To be totally honest with you, we actually met on Facebook, which is crazy. I was messaging a bunch of people being like hey welcome…and he just so happened to be one of the people that I messaged.”

While you’re online dating, Hubsher says it’s important to be open-minded and have fun with the process because it could cost you if you’re being too picky!

“Some people come in just with these, like, ideas and expectations on what they want… I want them to look like this, and have this color hair, this height, and it’s unrealistic — looks change, what doesn’t change is what’s inside.”

She also said one of the biggest mistakes women make during the first date is sharing their dirty laundry too fast!

“People are exhausted after work, they’re tired, and they go out, and want to have a fun date but they just start telling them all about their day and talking about work and it ends up becoming very, like, boring to the person near you.”

Men should also take a few notes if they want to snag themselves a quarantine boo!

“I think the most important thing is you really want to treat it like a date and not an interview. Women love to talk. We wanna talk and have that banter and if it’s just questions and questions, you don’t really hear us, that’s going to be a big problem and not lead to many more dates.”

During her interview on ‘Moore with Sana’ Hubsher also said she would love to come back for a third season of ‘sMothered’ because she loves creating memories like going into labor that’ll last forever!

“The coolest part I think about being on ‘sMothered’ was getting to rewatch my part… rewatch me go into labor, it was so special so getting to like have that with my daughter later on in life, why not, ya know.”

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