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AFTERBUZZ TV – Smash edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of NBC’s Smash. In this show, host Tamara Berg breaks down the episode “The Bells and Whistles” in which Jimmy and Derek clash about Hit List. Derek wants to go with a big production for “I Heard Your Voice In a Dream” but Jimmy wants it to be more simple and Karen agrees with him. Tom and Julia visit the set and Tom has a talk with Derek about being forceful and getting things done. Derek gets Tom’s point about listening and sits down and listens to Jimmy about his concerns for the song. They decide to forgo Derek’s desired video screens and just use dancers for the number as a way to keep the Hit List characters of Jesse and Amanda apart. Tom struggles to assert himself as director of Bombshell. Sam returns to town for a visit and says he’s unhappy with his Book of Mormon role and Tom offers him a part in Bombshell. Julia tells him there isn’t room for Sam. After the Bombshell group has some fun together with Sam singing a song that Tom and Julia wrote for a never-finished 60s musical, Tom offers to put the song into the show. Eileen finally comes down hard on him, telling him the song doesn’t fit. Tom has his talk with Derek about being forceful and finally tells Sam he and the song can’t be in the show. Sam angrily stalks off. Elieen has been trying to get Richard Francis’ attention to write a positive piece about Bombshell in the New York Times. She finally hits upon an idea and tells Tom that she has asked Leigh Conroy, big Broadway star and Ivy’s mom, to come out of retirement to do the role of Gladys, Marilyn’s mom. Tom thinks that Ivy might have a problem with it, but tells Eileen to go ahead with the PR and will settle it with Ivy. Karen and Ana push each other to ask for what they want. At a Hit List cast party at a bar, Ana, who wants the Diva role in Hit List but has been afraid to push for it, gets Derek’s attention and sings a song on the bar. Derek is impressed and tells her she has the role. Karen is interested in Jimmy but is afraid to tell him. At the same party, she finally asks him if he likes her or not. He gets interrupted by Derek and Karen asks him to walk her home. At her apartment after Derek leaves, there’s a knock at the door and it’s Jimmy. He gets her in a steamy kiss and the episode ends with them on a table taking off their clothes. There to help Tamara are co-hosts John Comerford, Kendra Kabasele, Kristin Carole, and Sarah Mendoza. It’s Smash’s “The Bells and Whistles” podcast!

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