Six Funny Lisa Kudrow Moments!

In honor of the beloved actress’s birthday, here are six Lisa Kudrow must-see moments that will have you cracking up!

We know that they know, that we know, today is a special day!

Lisa Kudrow has graced the screen with comedic innuendos and witty interjections for years, and we still cannot get enough of it.

We consider this beloved actress one of our friends, and in honor of her birthday, we are sharing six funny Kudrow must-see moments!

American Comedy Awards

After receiving an award for Funniest Supporting Female Performer in a TV Series at the American Comedy Awards, Kudrow took to the stage. Her short and simple acceptance speech without a doubt goes down in history as one of the funniest of all time. Her dry sense of humor and seemingly confused state fits her bill. Whether Kudrow knew it or not the award was well-deserved for the humble Friends star. One thing is for sure, a polished comedian has to share a joke or two at a comedy award show, it’s only right, and she did not fall short!


Working out is something you either love or hate. To some, it’s fun and empowering, but to others, it may feel like a chore. If you’re leaning more toward the hate side, don’t worry you’re not alone! In this hilariously honest interview with Conan O’Brien, Kudrow admits that she hates working out. She found herself getting hurt, sore for weeks on end and did not want to work through the pain that trainers insisted would subside. Sometimes you just have to go with your gut. The next time you don’t feel like getting a pump at the gym, maybe rip a page out of Kudrow’s book, “pay heed,” and take a hot girl walk instead!

Jimmy Kimmel’s Celebrity Curse Off

We love when our favorite celebrities show an uncut version of themselves. Kudrow went head to head with Jennifer Aniston on Jimmy Kimmel’s “Celebrity Curse Off.” If you can remember in season eight of Friends, Phoebe has several choice words when she loses Ms. PacMan. This is no different as Kudrow embodied her former character to a T. The vulgar words used in this battle between the two are absolutely priceless. Although Kudrow lost by saying “snap pants” which was “unbleepable,” she put up a good fight, and her facial expressions were unmatched.

Tony Danza Reaction

Imagine telling Sir Elton John that he is singing his own song wrong! Well, that’s exactly what Kudrow said to the renowned singer via Instagram. In a clip shared by Courteney Cox, Cox is singing and playing the piano alongside Ed Sheeran, Brandi Carlile and none other than Elton John himself. The group dedicated the song “Tiny Dancer” to Kudrow and sang it how Phoebe does in season three of Friends: “Hold me close young Tony Danza.” Kudrow states how it was the most thrilling thing to receive a shoutout, however jokes that they missed a mark when singing her version of the song. Nevertheless, she was stoked that the group remembered her famous line 25 years later. Maybe you’ll catch her on Elton’s Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour.


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MTV Movie Awards

What’s an award show without a comedian hosting it? Laughter as we know it is the best form of medicine, and Kudrow has no problem delivering. Big or small crowd, she knows how to command it. During the MTV Movie Awards, Kudrow lures the audience with her beloved sense of humor. The utter irritation she pretends to exert is a show in and of itself. It reminded me of an interactive Saturday Night Live monologue with humorous banter among the celebrities. While Kudrow wasn’t up for any nominations, her performance was still one to remember. Let’s try and get her to host this year’s show! What do you say?

Taylor Swift’s 1989 World Tour

“You have to really feel the lyrics!” Fans went wild on Taylor Swift’s 1989 World Tour when Swift introduced Kudrow, also known as Phoebe Buffay to the stage to sing her hit single “Smelly Cat.” The two started strumming away at their guitars as Kudrow coached the American pop singer on the very distant verses of her song. If you didn’t already know the original sound has a unique pitch. Suddenly, the crowd chimed in; what a whirlwind of fun! From Central Perk to the big stage, I think Kudrow is ready for her own tour.

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