Singer Kristina Menissov’s New Single Will Help You Adjust Your Crown!

Singer Kristina Menissov sat down with AfterBuzz TV to talk about her new single, Motherhood & More!

Model and Singer Kristina Menissov is the perfect example of what taking a leap of faith can achieve. Menissov was born and raised in Kazakhstan which borders Russia and China, but after discovering she was going to become a mom, she took a leap of faith and moved across the world to Los Angeles but that’s just the beginning of her journey.

Menissov was able to talk with host Chae’ Jones during a Zoom interview to talk about her newest single “Crown,” what her favorite thing about being a mom is, some new music coming soon, and more.

Mennissov moved to Los Angeles five years ago where she continued modeling. Her training as an opera singer made the transition to pop singer an easy decision. She was signed with music producer Andrew Lane who has worked with the Backstreet Boys and Irene Cara in the summer of 2020. Her new single “Crown” has such an uplifting message and while it’s about her journey it’s also a reminder to help each other with our crowns. When asked about the lyrics Mennisov said, “I think that’s how it supposed to be about everybody. We shouldn’t be competing with each other. No matter who it is in front of you. If you think about it, maybe that person worked just as hard as you. How about you adjust his crown? Wish them luck and you’re going to pay it forward. So someone’s going to help you. You can start the change. Starting with you and when you share that message more and more people will think like that.”

While Menissov is a model and also continuing her music career journey, she also has one of the toughest jobs on top of that; being a single mother to her son. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. Her son is her crowning glory and when asked what her favorite thing about being a mom Menissov replied, “I love everything. My child gives me so much inspiration and I learn so much from him. We always say that our kids are given to us to teach us something. I believe my child to literally be my teacher.”

Menissov continued, “He literally teaches me how to be more organized, get up, make our beds or just make little routine stuff that is important that actually makes my life so much easier. Like where have you been? Thank you for being here. Teaching me all this.”

When asked what new music she’s working on, Menissov said, “It’s completely different from Crown. Name of it, Her Story. It was inspired by the events in 2020. By the killing of Breana Taylor. I wrote it back then but I didn’t want to jump on the hype and I didn’t want to release it over there. I didn’t want to get anything for myself at that time. Why do I want to release it now? I hate the fact that people talked about it and stopped. I hope that everybody is going to be talking about it because it’s not like the issue is resolved because it’s not. I hope there is going to be more artists that’s going to be making more art reminding…5 years from now….10 years from now. I don’t think it’s right that people talk about it when it’s convenient for them and then when it’s not the hype they just do not. I think we have to honor and there is more people like her.”

This is such a good message and definitely will spark many important conversations that we all need to continue to have to affect real change. I don’t know about you but I am so excited to hear that song!

To find out about her new “Mini and Mom” clothing line,  what advice she’d give to her younger self, advice she’d give to other girls who want to go into modeling, and more, watch the Full Interview Here!

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