Simone Ashley In ‘Bridgerton’ Is The Diversity We Need To See

Simone Ashley is redefining Hollywood’s image of South Asian women, here is how the internet is reacting to the new Bridgerton star!

Earlier this week, it was announced that Simone Ashley is starring in season 2 of the hit series Bridgerton, and fans are going crazy. Her leading role as Kate Sharma, Lord Anthony’s love interest, is seen as a huge win for South Asian representation. Fans are especially excited that dark-skinned girls will finally see themselves on the big screen since it is such a rarity in Hollywood.

However, this isn’t the first time that the British-Tamil actress has been praised for breaking Indian stereotypes. Her portrayal of mean-girl Olivia Hanan in Netflix’s Sex Education was seen as a breath of fresh air for many South Asian teenagers who are used to seeing themselves as nerdy, undesirable academics. On the contrary, Olivia is the wildly popular “it-girl” who is confident in herself, and her sexuality – qualities rarely associated with brown girls.

Simone Ashley is truly redefining the western perception of South Asian women, and we are ever so grateful. Over the last few days, fans have been flocking to the Internet to share what her latest leading role means to them. Here are some of our favorite reactions!

Actress Mindy Kaling also shares her excitement!

அக்கா means “sister” in Tamil

As a brown girl, I am so happy to finally be seeing myself portrayed in a positive light. Thank you, Simone Ashley for pioneering a new image for South Asian women. We know she is going to kill it on Bridgerton!

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