Shows Like ‘Heartstopper’ & ‘Euphoria’ From 2022 With LGBTQIA+ Leads!

What better way to celebrate Pride this year than watching queer stories represented on screen? Check out these six new shows for a great watch!

First Kill

First Kill is a vampire drama with Romeo and Juliet vibes, family feuds, and awesomely grotesque monsters. The show follows young lovers Juliette and Calliope, one who is a vampire and the other who is a monster hunter. As the girls fight to be together, their families fight to keep them apart. We are loving the vampire craze nostalgia with a romantic lesbian plot. You can watch the 1st season now on Netflix!


Heartstopper is a new teen drama with tons of cute, romantic, fluffy moments that will have you swooning. British schoolboys Charlie and Nick navigate sexuality, school, friendship, and more. While the main storyline is their romance, there is also trans and lesbian representation in this emotional one-season show. If you loved season one, Heartstopper has already been renewed for two more seasons! Watch it now on Netflix!

Sort Of

The HBO Max original sitcom Sort Of that premiered in 2021 has been renewed for a second season. The show’s protagonist Sabi Mehboob, a genderfluid person navigating gender identity, family, part-time careers as a nanny and a bartender, and dating life all in one, spontaneously plans to move from Toronto to Berlin with their friend 7ven. However, not everything always goes according to plan! The new season is set to premiere later this year!


HBO’s intense, award-winning drama Euphoria came back for its second season this year. The show began in 2019 following the main character Rue, a high schooler and recovering addict dealing with the loss of her father. It also includes an ensemble of teenage characters also dealing with real-world issues like domestic violence, discovering sexuality and gender identity, sexual trauma, body image, toxic relationships, and mental health issues. The eight episodes that make up season two ran in early 2022, and Euphoria fans are ready for season three. Both seasons and the Christmas specials can be viewed on HBO Max.


Legendary is a reality competition series showcasing the world of ball culture. LGBT houses and voguing teams, compete in different dancing and fashion showcases for $100,000 in front of a panel of judges. Judges have included Jameela Jamil, Law Roach, Leiomy Maldonado, Megan Thee Stallion, and Keke Palmer. Lovers of high-energy competition shows, dance, and fashion: this is for you! Check it out on HBO Max.


If you loved Michaela Jaé Rodriguez in Pose, you will be happy to hear she will be in a new show, Loot, alongside Maya Rudolph. Rodriguez will be playing a character named Sofia who is the executive director for the organization owned by Rudolph’s character. The series premieres on June 24 on Apple TV+.

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