‘Selling Sunset’ Season 4 Review

Season four of Selling Sunset is better than ever, here are just some of the reasons why you need to tune in!

We couldn’t be more excited for season four of Selling Sunset coming to Netflix on November 24th! This season was jam-packed and we loved every minute of it. It never slows down and each episode has you clamoring for the next. The ladies of the Oppenheim group are definitely bringing their A-game and it is better than ever. 

In previous seasons, we got to learn more about each member of the Oppenheim group and in season four, we are able to get into their relationships with one another and how things have been in the office. There is going to be a huge change and shift this season!

One of the more exciting moments is was watching Chrishelle become an extremely successful agent and building her own life after her rough public divorce last season; seeing her overcome so much is extremely inspiring. It was super apparent how close and supportive the women at the office were because they really are like a family where they support one another and help each other get through tough times. 

Though there was a lot of love on the show, there was apparent tension between Christine and all the girls at the office. Christine had just given birth to a beautiful baby boy and her absence means new girls in the office. 

This season, the office invited Vanessa Villela and Emma Hernan to join the team and boy has this changed the office dynamic. With the introduction of new girls to the office, it means a broader reach to even more successful and amazing clients. But that also means more drama. On the other hand, what’s really exciting is that we are able to see some amazing stars be the buyers of LA’s most beautiful homes as well as all the clients the new ladies bring to the Oppenheim group. The houses on the market this time around are no joke and the women are definitely selling homes this season. 

I personally really enjoyed this season because there was a deeper dive into everyone’s lives and it really allowed us to get closer to the ladies at the office. We got to see how everyone adapted to the new girls and how well they are able to be so professional but also be a family at the same time. 

It’s safe to say that the Oppenheim group is for sure one of the most successful real estate companies for a reason and that these women really work hard in order to keep up with the real estate market in Los Angeles. This season really marks a chapter of a new beginning for the show and we couldn’t be more excited.

Make sure you mark the date because November 24th is coming up soon and you don’t want to miss this season of Selling Sunset!

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