Ryan Gosling’s Most Iconic Roles!

Whether it’s Noah from The Notebook or Jacob Palmer in Crazy Stupid Love, Gosling plays a variety of beloved characters!

A skilled actor, Gosling broke into the acting industry in 1993. 17,000 child actors auditioned for a spot on The Mickey Mouse Club, but Gosling succeeded in receiving the role. The Disney show flourished and Gosling was well on his way to stardom!

Noah in The Notebook

Charming, confident, caring, Noah knew exactly how to win over the love of his life, Aly. Noah set the dating standard pretty high, and almost everyone who watched the film fell for the character too. Throughout the movie, we watch Noah experience an intense array of emotions as the movie follows him from a teenager into adulthood. The growth of his character shows Gosling’s ability to make a role his own. Noah helped develop what became one of the most iconic romance movies of all time.

Jacob Palmer in Crazy Stupid Love

What we love about this Gosling character is that underneath the suave, laid back player, is a deep soul with so much love to give.

Sebastian in La La Land

Showing off his musical side, this character was full of surprises. Gosling’s secret artistic talents wowed everyone! This movie was iconic during the year it premiered, and it still is to this day!

Dan Dunne in Half Nelson

This performance gave Gosling an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor. His role left people in love with the movie, and it was one of the first roles that really made people in the industry take Gosling seriously as an actor.

Dean in Blue Valentine

Gosling is one of the best at portraying love, and again we see him develop a character who is both deeply troubled and capable of love. Gosling had so much success with this role. He really made the character his own, taking on the emotionally challenging role with ease.

Alan Bosley in Remember The Titans

Even when playing a smaller role, this character is unforgettable among Gosling’s list of roles. In his younger years, this role transitioned the actor from being featured in TV shows to films. This role proved his ability to act in a more serious material

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