Rian Johnson’s ‘Poker Face’: Fan Reactions & More!

Starring Natasha Lyonne, Rian Johnson’s new Peacock show Poker Face had fans gushing on Twitter. We’ve rounded up some of the best reactions here.

Instead of basking in the success of Glass Onion, Rian Johnson has been working hard to create a killer mystery show that fans have taken to social media to declare their love for. Starring the icon Natasha Lyonne, Poker Face is a spin on the murder-mystery genre that differs from what is currently being aired.

Fans have been comparing Poker Face to Columbo, a similar murder mystery show where viewers see the crime happening at the beginning of the show rather than figuring out whodunnit along with the investigator.

The show is also chock full of references to other shows and movies like Star Wars, Magnum PI, and Community (though that last one is still being debated online). Some fans also caught a reference to the espionage drama Burn Notice in the first episode.

The show features a reference to the cult classic Pulp Fiction, which had film nerds on Twitter geeking out.

Lots of love has also been shared for the many ways Poker Face is different from traditional crime dramas and murder-mystery shows. One fan praised the way the show is unique in the motivations behind the crimes featured.

Fan praise extended to the incredible diversity in the people Rian Johnson worked with on the show, including writer Alice Ju and directors Tiffany Johnson and Janicza Bravo.

Taking cues from murder mysteries from the past, the 70’s vibe of the show was also a huge hit with fans. This fan likened the show to the work of Gordon Willis, the cinematographer of the Godfather.

Celebs have also been reacting to the show’s release on social media. Noah Segan, an actor who cameos in almost all of Rian Johnson’s work, took to Twitter to share his love for the car Charlie drives in the show.

Singer Shaun Cassidy, the son of Jack Cassidy, who was in a couple of episodes of Columbo, shared his praise for the show on social media.

With such a solid start to the first season, fans are excited to see what the episodes released this week will bring. Stream new episodes of Poker Face every Thursday on Peacock.

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