Ranking All The Songs on ‘Harry’s House’!

Harry’s House came out on May 20th, and it has been a wonderful year for Harry’s album. He won Album of the Year at The Grammys, British Album of the year at the BRIT Awards, and an MTV VMA in 2022 for Album of the Year.

We will be using TikToker’s @kkatherinez, @jordan__terell, @miguelitofpena, and articles from medium.com and glamourmagazine.co.uk, to help rank all of the songs on Harry’s third LP.

13. “Grapejuice”

We start off with the third track, “Grapejuice,in 13th place. The song is beautiful, but @miguelitofpena and @jordan__terell placed it in 13th place as well. @kkatherinez put it in the 12th spot, glamourmagazine.co.uk in 9th place, and medium.com placed it at 7th place. Medium.com says it is “an incredibly vibey song, but it just feels more like a song that sets the mood… for something that has more substance and just more to hold onto.” While this is a great song, it is not really a memorable one. It does have great lyrics, however, the songs that come after have more personality and stronger storytelling.

12. “As It Was”

This was the first single Styles released from the album on March 31st, 2022. Styles performed the song at the BRIT Awards and at the Grammy’s this year, and it became the longest-running solo No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. The success of this song is undeniable, but the Harries have their opinions. Glamourmagazine.co.uk put it in the 12th spot, and @kkatherinez placed it in 9th place. @miguelitofpena placed it at No. 8, and @jordan__terrel placed it at No. 7, while medium.com gave it the top spot. “As It Was” is a song that, no matter how many times I hear it, will never get boring. When released, it was a very different feel compared to his other previously released songs, and when the album came out, other songs grabbed the listener’s attention.

11. “Satellite”

This is the eleventh song on the track and lands at 11th on our list. Glamourmagazine.co.uk placed it at the bottom of their list, and medium.com also put it in 11th place. @kkatherinez put it in 7th place, @jordan__terell put in in 5th place, and @miguelitofpena put in 3rd place. The song is about a lack of communication and the desire to be there for someone who keeps him at a distance.” Satellite is a tour favorite. Have you seen Harry’s dance moves when performing? This song is a good one, but because it is one of the last, it falls to the stronger songs.

10. “Daydreaming”

@kkatherinez placed the song in 13th place, the song landed in 9th spot on medium.com, and glamourmagazine.co.uk placed it in 8th place. @miguelitofpena gave it the No. 6 spot, and although @jordan__terell gave it the No. 2 spot, it was not enough to make it land higher on the list. This song is a great song to vibe to; however there lyrically wasn’t enough for it to land higher on the list. A lot of repetitive lyrics, but they are catchy, and no one can deny it.

9. “Boyfriends”

Styles debuted this song live at Coachella in 2022, and fans freaked out because it meant Harry was back. However, it landed ninth on our list. Medium.com placed it at 13th, while @jordan__terell ranked it 8th. @miguelitofpena and glamourmagazine.co.uk ranked it at 7th place, and @kkatherinez ranked it 3rd pushing the song up the list. The song is “a choppy, yet melodic guitar tune” about the troubles that come with dating men who “take you for granted.” This was one of the first songs released, and although it was a great song when performed live, it kind of fell through the cracks when hearing the rest of the album. To sum up, the song is a perfect acoustic song for Styles to perform while on tour.

8. “Keep Driving”

This is the tenth track on the album and lands in eighth place on the list. The song is about Styles ignoring the negative stuff and carrying on with the joys in his life. @jordan__terell ranked it 12th, @miguelitofpena ranked it 11th, and glamourmagazine.co.uk ranked it 10th. What brings it up on the list is our other sources, with @kkatherinez ranking it in 6th place on their list and medium.com placing it 2nd on the list. The bridge to this song is definitely a slay and took over all of the Harries TikTok For You Pages. There is, lyrically, always something new in the song, and we absolutely love it.

7. “Music For A Sushi Restaurant”

This is Styles’ most recent music video release and the No. 1 track on the album. @miguelitofpenna put it in 12th place, @kkatherinez gave it No. 10. @joran__terell and medium.com both had it in 6th place, while the glamourmagazine.co.uk gave it the coveted No. 1 spot. The music video has over 25 million views and peaked 8th on the Billboard Hot 100 Charts. What a fantastic way to open up the album. It is a wonderful comparison to “Watermelon Sugar,” which became the #1 song of the summer in 2020, just like “Music For A Sushi Restaurant,” became a favorite as soon as the album came out.

6. “Cinema”

The eighth track on the album lands in 6th place on our list. Glamourmagazine.co.uk gave it 11th place, and medium.com gave it 10th place. @kkatherinez gave it the 8th spot on their list, @miguelitofpena gave it the 4th place spot, and @jordan__terell gave it the top spot on their list. The song “is a chill, funky-pop song that features lyrics detailing Styles’ love for an unnamed woman.” Personally, one of my favorites, this is a very different song from others Styles has created. Harry has a lot of influences for this song, such as “Haruomi Hosono and Japanese pop, John Mayer guitar, Roald Dahl artistry, 1980s synth-pop, and some 1970s R&B.

5. “Love of My Life”

This is the closing track on the album but is highly ranked for Harries. The song is about Styles’ “love for his home country, England.” The lowest ranking came from medium.com and which gave it 12th place, and @jordan__terell gave the song a 10th place spot on their list. It landed very high up on our other sources lists. @kkatherinez gave it a 4th place ranking, glamourmagazine.co.uk gave it a 2nd place ranking, and @miguelitofpena gave it the No. 1 spot on their list. The album winds down and ends with “Love of My Life.” It provides a sweet melody and a perfect closing.

4. “Matilda”

Matilda is the fifth track on the album and is 3rd on our list. The song is based on someone he knows in his real life and has hidden their identity behind Matilda, a character from Roald Dahl’s 1988 novel. @jordan__terell ranked in 12th place, but the rest of our sources have the song in the Top 5 of their lists. Glamourmagazine.co.uk put it at No. 5, medium.com put it at No. 4, @miguelitofpena ranked it at No. 2, and @kkatherinez put it at the very top of her list. This song brings tears to so many fans, including us. Fans consider it one of the best tracks lyrically on the album because of the way so many can relate to the story behind the song.

3. “Little Freak”

The sixth song on the track gets a lot of love from Harries. The lowest rank comes from @jordan__terell, putting in 9th place, and the other low ranking comes from medium.com which put in 8th place. @miguelitofpena put it 5th on their list, glamourmagazine.co.uk put it 4th on their list, and @kkatherinez gave it the second place spot on their list. The song is about Harry reflecting “on a previous relationship that slipped through his fingers.The imagery in this song reflects why the song is placed high on the list. Harry drives the plot of this story very well through the placement of the lyrics. The chorus is catchy and melodic, and nice break from the upbeat dance tracks.

2. “Late Night Talking”

The runner-up, we have the second track from the album. The second music video Styles released has over 54 million views and peaked at No. 3 on the Billboard 100 Charts. The lowest rankings come from @miguelitofpena and @kkatherinez, who gave it the 10th place spot on their lists. However, @jordan__terell, medium.com, and glamourmagazine.co.uk placed it 3rd on their list. This was the other song Harry debuted live at Coachella, and the live performance “sounds even better live,” according to glamourmagazine.co.uk. The instrumental to this song is amazing. When hearing it live and the trumpets playing, you feel like you are in a 70s disco dance club.

1. “Daylight”

Taking home the gold is the fifth track on the album. The Harry Styles Daylight Music Video by James Corden has over 9.1 million views on YouTube. @miguelitofpena ranked it the lowest in 9th place and glamourmagazine.co.uk ranked it in 6th place. Medium.com and @kkatherinez put in 5th place, and the highest ranking was @jordan__terell put in 4th on their list. You know it’s a banger when James Corden makes you a music video. This song is perfect for many reasons, including the melody and the lyrics. The lyrics have a charming aesthetic that is truly unmatched by the rest of the songs on the album.  

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