Ranking All of Taylor Swift’s Eras!

We love every single one of Taylor Swift’s amazing albums, but some eras are just better than others.

With Taylor Swift’s eras tour setlist making it very clear which albums were her favorite, we’re listing all the things we love about every single one of her Eras. We’re using social media, the Eras Tour setlist, and the track lists to rank the albums. If only we could put every album at number one!

10. Debut

As her earliest album, Taylor’s self-titled debut isn’t as well-loved as some of her newer work. It does, however, have the most re-recording potential, and many fans can’t wait for the nostalgia that will come along with Taylor’s re-releasing of her first album, and hopefully, a lot of the incredible unreleased tracks that didn’t make the first release.

9. evermore

Evermore deserved a longer era instead of just being a sister album to the incredible beauty of folklore. That being said, the cute plaids, cottage-core vibes, and whimsical feel of the music make this album a favorite for a lot of Swifties. Who doesn’t love “‘tis the damn season”?

8. Speak Now

The drama of the Speak Now era, with iconic tour moments like the bell ringing during “Haunted,” is what makes this time during Taylor’s life special. This era is also when she started writing lyrics down her left arm, a Swiftie concert staple.

7. folklore

Surprise released during the pandemic, the folklore era is a gift Swifties didn’t know they needed. The James/Betty/Augustine drama Taylor delves deeper into during her folklore: the long pond studio sessions special on Disney+ was the perfect highlight to a disheartening lockdown.

6. Midnights

In her newest era, Taylor truly embraces her style and music, she’s come such a long way since her debut album, and it shows in her lyrical prowess, vocal range, and cohesive style that go a long way to making this era iconic.

5. Fearless (Taylor’s Version)

With so many hit songs like “Love Story (Taylor’s Version)” and “You Belong With Me (Taylor’s Version),” the dreamy, romantic Fearless (Taylor’s Version) era is one that classic Taylor fans love so much. The Fearless tour also included the iconic chair throw during “Forever & Always” that many Swifties go feral for. If only she brought that moment back for the Eras Tour.

4. reputation

Fans love to rag on Taylor’s comeback album reputation, especially her lead track, “Look What You Made Me Do,” but with such a diverse array of emotional, gritty, and strong tracks, the era is one that is iconic. The performances during Taylor’s reputation era are top-notch, and her stadium tour on Netflix turned this era into one fans grew to love.

3. 1989

The 1989 World Tour is the reason why this album ranks so highly. Putting spins on fan-favorite songs like “I Know Places” and inviting guests to every show made this tour memorable for so many fans. Not to mention the nostalgic Polaroid aesthetic of this album and Taylor’s peak Instagram feed during this time when she was just carefree having fun with her friends.

2. Lover

The Lover era had some of the cutest pastel outfits, and the happiest Taylor had ever been in a while. With tracks that were both about romance and heartbreak, the Lover era truly encapsulated what it means to be in love in the best way possible. Lover truly deserved a longer era and Loverfest.

1. Red (Taylor’s Version)

With the longest track list to date and “All Too Well (Taylor’s Version) (The 10 Minute Version),” it’s easy to see why Red (Taylor’s Version) tops the ranking list for many Swifties, including this one. Taylor’s iconic hits like “22 (Taylor’s Version),” “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together (Taylor’s Version),” and “I Knew You Were Trouble (Taylor’s Version)” make this album so special, and the re-release with a short film and incredible merch, cemented this era’s place at the top of this ranking.

With the Eras Tour, hopefully, some of the eras that didn’t get their time to shine get a little more love that will only get better with more of the re-releases and new content. Want to mathematically rank Taylor’s albums to find out which one is your favorite? Check out this Tweet!

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