Predictions For ‘You’ Season 4 Part 2!

Fans were left with a midseason cliffhanger of the popular Netflix series! Here are some predictions of what will happen in Part 2, coming out on March 9th!

Season 4 Part 1 of You ended revealing the “Eat The Rich Killer.” Joe was left with two options – he could take the blame for murders he did not commit, or he could help the killer finish killing the members of the social circle. Either option could get Joe in trouble.

He had moved to London to start fresh after he vowed not to kill anymore. Continuing to kill would mean not keeping his promise to himself and would get him in more trouble, of course. On the other hand, if he does not help, the truth about his life would be revealed.

Fans are already making predictions about what will happen next. The trailer showed Love, the mother of Joe’s child, who he left in the house fire. People are debating if she is actually back or just a figment of Joe’s imagination, like Beck and Candice in past seasons.

Fans are predicting that Rhys is just a character Joe made up in his head. Fans noticed that there are sticky notes in the book Love is reading in the trailer for Part 2. It appears to be the mayor’s book that Joe liked and put sticky notes in. Fans also noticed that it looks like Love is missing a finger (because Joe cut it off when he framed her). This is leading people to believe Love might actually be back.

With all of the debate, people considered the fact that Love had a plan to try to kill Joe and might have told her family beforehand. In this case, her powerful family could have saved her from the fire if they were prepared for something to happen.

This then leads to the prediction that Love actually did survive, and the killer brought her back as another act to torture Joe.

People are also predicting that Love set Joe up from the second he tried running away. Fans mentioned how Love always seems to know what Joe will do before he even knows. If she did survive, she could have set up the whole plan to help Joe get away so she could play mind games on him for trying to kill her.

We all know the lengths Love and Joe have gone to for their “love” for each other. If Love is really alive, it is predicted chaos will break loose once she finds out about Joe’s new obsession.

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