Pete Davidson’s Most Iconic ‘SNL’ Moments

Who doesn’t love their daily dose of Pete Davidson? Here are some of his most iconic moments on Saturday Night Live!

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Posted On: October 14th, 2021 9:38 pm pst

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Best SNL skits

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Somedays you just want a laugh and binge-watch a funny show. A classic go-to is Saturday Night Live because there isn’t one episode that you can get through without laughing. If you love Pete Davidson and SNL, then you’re definitely going to love these iconic moments of Davidson on SNL!

“Tucci Gang”

Pete Davidson, playing Lil Pump, along with Sam Rockwell performed the best parody of “Gucci Gang” by Lil Pump. This Saturday Night Live (Season 43, Episode 10) sketch was all in honor of Stanley Tucci also referred to by Davidson as, “That guy from the Hunger Games.”. I know it’s Machine Gun Kelly that’s considered the rapper in their bromance, but I think Davidson is on his way up. If you want to see Pete Davidson with a pink and blue wig watch this clip!

“The Pool Boy”

Chad is probably one of Pete Davidson’s best characters on Saturday Night Live. During “The Pool Boy” sketch on SNL (Season 46, Episode 14), Davidson played a goofy and immature character who has been hooking up with a housewife, played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus. If you haven’t watched Chad in action you need to see this episode. You wouldn’t think having the catchphrase “okay” would turn out to be so funny, but I promise it is!

“Weekend Update: Pete Davidson on Staten Island”

On Saturday Night Live (Season 43, Episode 6) Pete Davidson and Colin Jost have a segment in the “Weekend Update” about Staten Island. Both comedians are from Staten Island but are definitely not on the same terms of their hometown. Davidson confessed he did make a joke about Hurricane Sandy saying that he “wished it had finished the job.” This sketch aged perfectly as Davidson is now The King of Staten Island.

“Rap Roundtable”

Timothée Chalamet and Pete Davidson tested their rapping skills by debuting their song “Yeet” on SNL (Season 46, Episode 8). Let’s just say that the roundtable was not impressed with their performance, but viewers were. This video blew up on TikTok for months. All I have to ask is, can we get “Yeet” on Spotify? #Yeet


Someone, please help poor Stu get a PS5! On SNL (Season 46, Episode 7) Stu, played by Davidson, was not happy with Santa not responding to his wishlist. Jason Bateman, who was acting as Santa, definitely moved Stu to the naughty list. Call the fire department Pyromaniac Pete is in the building!

“Christmas Romance”

On SNL (Season 40, Episode 10) during the “Christmas Romance” sketch, Pete Davidson didn’t say a word as he held his note card for Amy Adams to read in an almost Love Actually sort of way. Davidson is so funny he doesn’t have to use words, but him trying to keep his composure for the whole sketch made it. Adams couldn’t hold herself back reading the notecards towards the end. Do you think it was the love at first juggs joke?

“The Roadie”

You know Chad had to make a second appearance on this list! Jennifer Lopez and Chad, again played by Pete Davidson, had major chemistry on SNL (Season 45, Episode 8). The best line is definitely when Chad watches Lopez leave and says, “Goodbye Jello.” Chad was working those hips before he literally fell head over heels for JLo!


Last but not least, Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian West’s sketch of “Aladdin” on SNL (Season 47, Episode 2) was hilarious. When West and Davidson kissed they literally broke the internet. Even better than that was West laying it on thick, practically retracting Ariana Grande’s big dick energy statement. That joke will never get old!

We can’t wait to see what Pete does next on Saturday Night Live, stay tuned for more!

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