Parvesh Cheena Talks Groundbreaking Socially Distant NBC Series ‘Connecting…’

Parvesh Cheena is on the new NBC sitcom ‘Connecting’, and it’s a must watch! Get the scoop on why this socially distant series is a massive hit.

If you’re looking for a new show that tugs at your heartstrings, has excellent writing, and at the same time touches on important topics going on in today’s society, then you have to check out NBC’s Connecting…

The series follows a group of friends as they live their lives during the COVID-19 pandemic; but get this, the entire sitcom is remotely produced.

Parvesh Cheena who plays Pradeep, a father who is trapped at home with his kids and husband, talked with Benny Adams about the important meaning behind the show, and the special way the cast had to film the freshman sitcom.

Connecting… has already aired 3 episodes, and so far the series is getting rave reviews. Not only is the writing amazing, but Cheena also credits the casts for pulling off a one of a kind show that everyone can relate to.

“This is the most diverse cast that I’ve ever been a part of. From orientation, identity, let alone just racial makeup; and then it struck me that this is the closest to my regular real life. We’re never just the one, or the token in our own friend groups. If you were to take the elements of the pandemic, this show measures up and mirrors the lives of people I know. We’re not just diverse to fill quotas or checklists, none of that was a part of this.” said Cheena.

Each episode is set in the characters homes while they interact with each other using a Zoom like app. The actors are actually in their real life homes while filming, but due to this there were some learning curves Cheena and the rest of the cast and crew had to get used to.

“We filmed on the iphone 11 pro. We were all given phones, and I would set up with their cameras facing me, and I would set up a zoom camera so I could hear and see my cast… The first few weeks were very hard because it was a learning curve. By now I don’t know what I’m doing, but I know how to do it.” said Cheena.

Production for season 1 is complete, but while filming Cheena and the rest of the cast did not physically meet until much later due to working remotely.

“I met the cast just once. I met them when we were in our 5th or 6th episode of filming. We were fortunate to have a screening party. We were in a parking lot in Exposition Park, and they had a drive in. That was literally the first time I met everyone in my cast.” said Cheena.

Not only is the series closely following the COVID-19 pandemic, but the show will also touch on important topics that are happening right now including the Black Lives Matter movement. You also might not have to wait too long for some characters to interact face to face. The series will also mirror the loosening of COVID-19 restrictions.

“Some characters will interact physically. If I in my real life have finally started to do the socially distant mask on, outdoor hang, it makes sense for the characters to do that as well. I love the fact that this is still following what’s happening in real life.” said Cheena.

There’s no word yet on if the series has been renewed for a second season; but if the series does come back there are a few special A-listers Cheena would love to have as guest stars.

“I don’t know why, but I think he would be a big fit for this show, and that’s Sean Hayes. He’s so iconic. Hanging around Sean, it makes makes you feel nervous because he’s been there for so many peoples gay coming out stories. I just want him around because I think it’s funny. he should play on that iconic status.” Said Cheena. “The other one selfishly for me is Rizwan Manji. He’s like a brother to me. And he’s on everything. I use Rizwan a lot for inspiration because he has three kids, so I do like calling and I facetime him to hear how hard of a time he’s having.”

Parvesh is also a very busy man. Connecting… isn’t the only project under his belt. You can also catch him on the animated series T.O.T.S as well Mira, and Royal Detective.

Cheena has also stepped into the food game. He hosts his own show on YouTube called Family style, where he and a group of friends try out tasty dishes from different restaurants.

Make sure you check out Connecting every Thursday at 8/7c on NBC. You can also catch the series on the NBC app or Peacock.

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