Paris Hilton Returns To The Kitchen With Kim Kardashian, Saweetie, Demi Lovato & More!

Paris is back in the kitchen in Netflix’s new show Cooking With Paris! The star gets back to her roots with guests like Nicky and Kathy Hilton, giving audiences a softer side of Paris while she maintains her sassy schtick!

Unless you were living under a rock (ew!) this past January, you probably saw the viral #CookingWithParis Youtube video! And if you are a tried and true Paris fan like me, you have probably seen the y2k icon #Sliving her best life on IG and IRL with her new fiance! With the success of her Youtube channel and approaching marriage, Paris decided it’s time to learn a few new recipes and was kind enough to let us watch as she grocery shopped in couture, flipped vegan burgers with a diamond spatula, and coated cannolis in glitter!

The heiress and business mogul starts off each episode with a stroll down the supermarket aisle. While you may think this isn’t on-brand for her, Paris makes the aisle into a runaway, decked out in couture and costumes fit for a gala! The fantastic looks continue, with Hilton being sure to sport her #SlivingGloves and a matching ensemble (usually something rhinestoned, and of course, ultra-chic) throughout the cooking and eating process. While cooking in couture might not be for everyone, Paris knows you have to look your best to feel your best!

Perhaps one of the best parts of Cooking With Paris is seeing our favorite Y2k it girl reunite with old pals like Demi Lovato and her former assistant Kim Kardashian. Of course, we also love to see Paris and her new friends like Saweetie, Nikki Glaser, and Lele Pons. However, my personal favorite has to be the mini family reunion with her sister and fashion designer Nicky Hilton Rothschild and, of course, newfound Beverly Hills Housewives regular Kathy Hilton! Each new guest and dish brings laughs, fond memories, and of course, lots and lots of sparkles!

The show offers a few poignant, heartfelt moments, with Paris opening up to Kim about growing up and starting a family, as well as Paris sharing that Demi’s journey inspired her to share her own story. All in all, Cooking With Paris will have fans reciting the inspiring words “Any b*itch can cook” and “that’s hot, literally” as we throw on our best gowns to attempt to cook like Paris!

Make sure to check out Cooking with Paris August 4th on Netflix!

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