Paris Hilton Releases Song with Proceeds Going to Breaking Code Silence Campaign

Paris Hilton’s new song “I Blame You” was just released and has all the proceeds going to her new cause and purpose, Breaking Code Silence.

Since the release of her YouTube documentary in September, Paris Hilton has been using all of her platforms to raise awareness to the abuse she and others faced in the Troubled Teen Industry. Her latest move comes in the form of music.In her new song, “I Blame You,” she addresses how she is coping with her past trauma. She sings “as if I’m healing, started breathing, and I’m feeling all these things for the first time.”

The song is dedicated to her boyfriend, Carter Reum who has been helping her overcome her teenage trauma. In her documentary This Is Paris, she discusses what she went through at Provo Canyon School from being locked in solitary confinement to being forced to take different medications. All of this leading to insomnia after she turned 18 and could leave the school.

Breaking Code Silence is an organization helping stop the cycle of abuse that Hilton and many other teenagers faced attending schools like Provo Canyon. All the profits of this song will go to this organization as they try to close down Provo Canyon and schools like it.

In the song she goes on to sing, “I feel good, I feel good, I feel good, I blame you, I blame you, I blame.” Crediting her boyfriend for helping her overcome what she went through at Provo Canyon.

Hilton is continuing to use her platform to raise awareness for Breaking Code Silence as more and more survivors and warriors come forward and share their stories.

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