Pandemic Productions: Filming Paused on Idris Elba’s ‘The Harder They Fall’

Netflix pauses production on Idris Elba’s ‘The Harder They Fall’ after second Covid-19 scare

Haley Mendoza

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Posted On: October 18th, 2020 8:30 pm pst

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Netflix has paused filming of their upcoming film ‘The Harder They Fall’ for a second time after someone on set tested positive for Covid-19.

This positive case has been confirmed this week, only five weeks after production of the film resumed. The Western film set to release in 2021 has been filming cautiously in New Mexico following a rough few months of quarantine. 

Variety confirmed that none of the main cast has tested positive for the virus. The film starring Idris Elba and Regina King was forced to pause filming in March when Elba himself tested positive for the virus. 

Elba’s case was one of the first mainstream cases of celebrities catching the virus. He gave the public updates on his condition throughout his quarantine and strongly urged social distancing and washing hands to his followers. He expressed “Now is the time to think about each other.” 

Elba certainly set a good example for his followers. Fans were ecstatic to hear when Elba had recovered and were especially looking forward to his new film resuming. Yet, production has halted again and it seems Netflix is unsure when it will resume. 

So what does this mean for Hollywood?

Since most productions have only begun filming in recent weeks and months, it seems positive cases may start becoming more common. Fans should prepare for productions to pause and make health the priority. After all, the most important thing is that both cast and crew members are healthy and safe. Even if that means we might not get the latest episode or movie when we expect to.


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