‘Outer Banks’ Season 3 Fan Reactions!

The new season of Outer Banks just dropped on Netflix, and fans have been loving it! We’ve rounded Twitter’s reactions to the show.

The third season of Netflix’s Outer Banks has even more drama and adventure than before, and fans on social media are loving it. With higher stakes and new characters, the story got even more exciting. Here is what fans had to say about the new season that dropped on Feb. 23.

Madison Bailey’s Kiara is a fan favorite, and users on Twitter shared their favorite screencaps of her this season. Her outfits and hairstyles have only gotten better.

JJ is also a well-loved character on the show, and his outfits got a lot of love this season, especially his looks in the first couple of episodes.

OBX fans lost their minds over Drew Starkey’s buzzcut. Even though the general consensus is that Rafe is the worst ever, you have to admit that the new haircut makes it even easier to love/hate him.

The romance between JJ and Kiara was something fans were looking forward to seeing. Having been set up in season two, the show didn’t disappoint with adorable moments between the pair, from emotional fights to even cuter make-ups.

Pope and Cleo’s budding romance in the show was unexpected, but fans can’t get enough of how well the two fit together. Even though their connection wasn’t as highly anticipated as Jiara’s get together, the screen time of the two characters was much appreciated.

With the show already being renewed for a fourth season, it’s hard to imagine how Outer Banks can get any better. But with so much excitement this season, fans can’t wait for the show to return.

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