‘Outer Banks’ Season 2: More Mystery & Romance At Even Higher Stakes

Season 2 of Outer Banks does not disappoint, but rather exceeds all your expectations. More mystery, romance, and even higher stakes – here is a sneak peak of what the new season has in store for Outer Banks’ fans!

The first season of the beloved show left us on the edge of our seats as Royal Merchant gold is in the wrong hands and John B is being framed for a murder by Sarah’s dad. The hunt for $400 mill is still on, however, there is another mystery presented to the gang that shockingly hits close to home for one of the pogues. Balancing moments of teenage romance with car chases and explosions, the second season of Outer Banks finds John B and his friends embarking on a treasure hunt like no other.

With the whole town after them, John B and Sarah escape to the Bahamas where the couple is trying to sneak around island Bonnie and Clyde style. After learning the dark truth about her family, the kook princess has an internal battle as she is stuck between her family and justice. John B is still laser focused on the treasure which brings some trouble in the paradise for the star-crossed lovers as he puts the gold above Sarah’s well-being.

Speaking of the Cameron family, the insane father-son duo of Ward and Rafe gets crazier as the stakes rise. In this season of the show the audience gets to watch Rafe fully lose his mind in a chase for his father’s approval. When Rafe openly cries for help to his dad, Ward neglects it. If season one made you wonder if Ward can become any worse of a dad, season two gives you the not-so-shocking answer – a million times yes.

After Pope and Kiara share a kiss in the Season 1 finale, all the fans want to see more of the couple in Season 2. Even though friends do talk about their relationship status, mystery and family come forefront to the pogues in this season of the show. The audience gets an insight into their family lives – with Pope discovering a family mystery of his own to solve and Kiara – a Kook by birth, Pogue by choice – struggling with her parents understanding her.

Some things never change and JJ will always be JJ – a hot-headed goofball with a big kind heart. From giving relationship advice to coming up with elaborate master-plans to get his friends out of trouble, JJ earns the title of the most loyal friend. He might even be loyal to a fault as in season two he can’t resist but help his abusive dad in the moment of need. Even though there is no love interest to JJ in the new season, he and Kiara definitely share a few glances and moments that felt like more than friends to me. The creators of the show have promised Outer Banks to run for four or five seasons, so we shouldn’t give up on our favourite ships just yet.

The second season also brings new characters into the show with some of them majorly complicating the gang’s lives and some helping them along the way.

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Set against a coastal Carolina backdrop, the teen mystery show has undeniably breathtaking cinematography. The golden-hour lighting sets the color palette of the hot South and the hand-held camera makes the audience feel like part of the adventure. No denial, Outer Banks is a visual masterpiece and Season 2 takes the adventures to new locations where the scenic views do not disappoint either.

I can guarantee, you will find yourself on the edge of your seat through the whole season as the steaks rise in Outer Banks Season 2 coming to Netflix July 30th!

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