Our Top 10 Favorite Natalie Portman Moments!

It’s the queen of the entertainment world, Natalie Portman’s birthday, and we’re celebrating all of her amazing moments!

With a long list of outstanding accomplishments in the entertainment field and beyond, Natalie Portman has dedicated so much of her life to bringing happiness to other people’s lives. She has such a diverse array of talents on top of being so kind and giving to others. She’s used her platform to aid those in need and has made a big difference and positive impact in people’s lives. In honor of her birthday, we’re sharing a few of our favorite Natalie Portman moments!

2011 Golden Globes Acceptance Speech

In her speech following her win for Best Actress for Black Swan, Portman left the audience feeling in awe. She used her natural grace and ability to connect with people. In her typical nature, she dedicated her speech to her fellow actors, reflecting on her overall gratitude for the experience. Portman also shouted out her Grandma as the audience laughed. In this speech we learn so much about Portman and about her passion for dance!

Jane Foster In Thor

One of our all time favorite Portman moments is her character Jane Foster. Thor meets his match with Portman’s character as she is just as confident and strong as Portman is in real life. Watching Portman portray a role in a superhero movie is a dream come true!

Mad Libs With Jimmy Fallon

We love getting to see Portman’s goofy side especially when she plays so many serious roles. In this segment on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Fallon asks Portman to fill in the blanks of a mad lib, and then the two perform the skit. If filling out the mad libs isn’t funny enough, the two acting out the scene in costumes and with their own backdrop is insanely hilarious.

Women’s March Speech

In 2018, Portman spoke at the women’s march in LA. Her empowering speech encouraged women to speak up for themselves and stand up for their lives. She shared her own stories about growing up as a girl and woman in the public eye. Portman has been a long time advocate for women’s rights. She aids the Time’s Up movement as well as being an ambassador for the WE charity.

Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis

Another moment we are still obsessed with is when Portman was featured on Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis. The scene is beyond hilarious, and the two actors really put their skill to the test. Being able to keep a straight face while Galifianakis asks her the most absurd questions is true talent. We love this interaction just as much as we love watching Portman play with her puppy in this interview!

Book Club Enthusiast

Portman has always been open about her immense love for reading! She enjoys books so much that she even started her own book club where she invites esteemed authors to join her in discussing the book of choice. She’s spoken with authors such as Julia May Jonas and Benjamin Moser. Her love for reading inspires us to want to read more too! Portman asks her followers questions about the book to gain their insight as well. Her desire to learn with others is just one of the many reasons we love her!


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When She Followed Her Passion

More than just an incredible actor, Portman is a performer to her core. We are inspired by her commitment to putting herself first. Portman traded a star role in the film The Horse Whisperer, for an appearance in the Broadway production of The Diary of Anne Frank due to feeling more connected to Anne Frank. After one of the first readings, it was clear to the crew that Portman was meant to play Anne Frank. Portman’s consistency of always staying true to herself is a characteristic we greatly admire!

Modeling For Dior

Portman modeling for Dior reminds us of her multiple talents. She’s so chic and elegant herself, that it makes sense she would represent a brand with equal prestige. Modeling was Portman’s original career path, but ultimately she decided to try something new. However, we love seeing Portman show off her modeling skills and return to her roots.


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Directing Rob & Jack Lahana’s Music Video

As if starring in productions isn’t enough, she’s even directing them! Portman recently directed Rob & Jack Lahana’s music video “Haute saison.” This music video is hands down one of our favorite Portman moments because we love seeing her creative side. Any time Portman gets to put her own individual spin on a project, viewers can see her passion and precision.

Vanity Fair Interview

To top off our favorite Portman moments, her interview with Vanity Fair where she reflects on her career is one of the best! Watching Portman reminisce on each of her films and gaining her perspective is so much fun!

Among her many accomplishments, Portman graduated from Harvard University as well. Acting in over 50 movies, receiving an abundance of awards and nominations, putting love into every project she partakes in, Portman is truly one of a kind. We are beyond excited for her several upcoming adventures, and we can’t wait to watch her shine July 8th in Thor: Love and Thunder!

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