Our Favorite TV Show Styles From The Past Year!

Some TV shows have absolutely killed it with their costumes! From Bridgerton to Euphoria, these shows make you want to revamp all your outfits. Here are some of our favorite TV show wardrobes of the last year!


Euphoria has taken the world by storm. The hectic storyline, incredible characters and amazing fashion have made the show a fan favorite! The bold makeup and fluid outfit choices purposefully embody the hecticness that the characters experience in the show.

Euphoria’s iconic wardrobe and makeup has inspired multiple fashion trends, especially for Gen Z. Bubble braids, glittery eyes and y2k outfits all embody what became known as the “Euphoria aesthetic”.

Here are some of Euphoria fans top picks:

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The Netflix show Bridgerton, fully immerses you into the regency period. The luxurious sets and glamorous fashion choices take viewers on a trip to the past.

The show’s wardrobe is characterized by elegant gowns embellished with pearls and diamonds.

Here are some amazing Bridgerton styles:


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Even though some of the show’s styles are very bold, fans have brought it to the 21st century. Pearls, floral dresses and elaborate hair adornments are all pieces trending today.

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Emily in Paris

Bold patterns, color pops and designer bags all characterize Emily in Paris’ chic wardrobe! There is never a dull outfit for the show’s lead, Emily!

Costume designer, Marylin Fitoussi, did a fantastic job in producing statement outfits unique to each character. Emily, Mindy and Camille all have their own personality and style, with Emily being the boldest.


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Some people have even created their own versions of Emily in Paris outfits!

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And Just Like That

Carrie Bradshaw’s recent comeback was as fabulous as we expected it to be! Ever since the show first aired, Sex and the City has been notorious for its fashion. From street styles to puffy skirts and designer bags, Carrie Bradshaw has an impeccable sense of style.

Here are some of her on screen looks:

These shows not only immerse us in their storylines, but they also give us tons of outfit inspiration! From the Regency Period to Euphoria’s futuristic look, these shows have a somethinng for everyone!

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