Our Favorite 2000s Throwbacks to Watch on Disney+!

Disney+ gives the nostalgia we’re all looking for once in a while. Check out some of our favorite 2000s Disney Channel movies that you can find on this streaming service!

Camp Rock

Where do we start with this Disney Channel gem; the stars, the songs, the nostalgia? I don’t know about you guys, but we will definitely be binging all three Camp Rock movies. As a kid, if you had any interest in music or any experience with summer camp, this movie felt so relatable to watch, leaving you eager to go back to summer camp and meet your own Shane Gray. Unfortunately, this never happened for us, so in the meantime, we’ll be living vicariously through Mitchie.

Cloud 9

This movie had us wanting to move to the mountains to pursue a career in snowboarding at 13. I mean, if Kayla could do it, why can’t we? However, that dream is yet to come true, so in the meantime, you’ll catch us sitting in bed watching Cloud 9.

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Teen Beach Movie

With summer in full swing, one of our favorite annual go-tos is Teen Beach Movie. With reminders of the beach, summer romance, and long sunny days with friends, this movie serves as an ideal Disney Channel throwback. Not to mention the amazing soundtrack that will reignite your obsession and ensure sing-alongs to blast in the car!

Princess Protection Program

How could we discuss Disney without mentioning Selena Gomez? This classic mixes the enchanting world of royalty with the average life of high school that we’re all familiar with, making the story somehow feel like it’s possible that this could happen to you. And who wouldn’t love to become best friends with a princess?

Lemonade Mouth

One thing about Disney is that they know how to make great movies with great music, and Lemonade Mouth is the perfect example of this. We could watch this movie simply for its musical numbers alone. From the classic “Determinate” to the emotional “She’s So Gone”, Lemonade Mouth always has us singing along.

Star Struck

Jessica was living out all of our dreams in this movie. It’s such a timeless classic and the plot never gets old. A small town girl and pop star meeting and falling in love, what more could you ask for in a Disney Channel original?

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