Our Fav On-Screen Kisses Including ‘To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before’, ‘Moonlight’, & More!

Some of the best parts of films are the romances and seeing the two people we were rooting for finally get together. Here are 10 of our favorite on-screen passionate, hot kisses!

Whether it be a drama, romcom, comedy, or even a thriller, romance is inevitable!

Dirty Dancing

Definitely do not put baby in the corner! The innocent girl in pursuit of the classic bad boy is predictable, but there is a reason these two lovers still have people sowing after them today. This wildly, sexy kissing scene accompanied by none other than dirty dancing is hot and heavy. Johnny and Baby’s chemistry is insurmountable and has us all envious.

The Notebook

This film pulls at our heartstrings and depicts a type of romance that lasts a lifetime. It reminds everyone that real love exists, you just need the right person and timing. Seven years later, these two thought it was over, but a kiss can save anything. Hearing the love of your life saying “it’s not over” and then pulling you in for a sensational kiss can send chills down anyone’s spine. How can it get any better? Kissing in the rain makes this kiss a memorable one for sure!


Moonlight follows an epic journey in discovering manhood. Not only did this film win an Academy Award for Best Picture, but it also won Best Kiss at the MTV Movie and TV Awards. This intimate, powerful moment between Kevin and Chiron will get you all in your feels.

Never Been Kissed

While you may be thinking, how could Never Been Kissed have a kissing scene? Well, you’d be wrong! As a 25-year-old copy editor poses as a high school student for a story, she winds up falling for her English teacher. But, here’s the kicker: she’s never been kissed! The last scene in this film is overwhelmed by an array of emotions as dreams come true. The long, juicy kiss accompanied by “Don’t Worry Baby” is enough to make you feel like a hopeless romantic.

How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days

Are you bluffing? No, we are definitely not calling bullshit on this kiss! Matthew McConaughey is an absolute dream which makes this kiss all the more hot. Even though the two had alternative motives in the beginning, that does not stop them from falling in love. Their playful romantic nature sends us. The bathroom scene kiss shows us true, undeniable feelings which were not yet exhibited.

We’re The Millers

You may think of kissing as romantic or with someone you like. Well, you’re not wrong. Although, in this case, it has a turn! Learning how to kiss is no walk in the park unless your “family” is there to help you. In this hilarious, outlandish scene, “sister” Casey and “mom” Rose teach “son” Kenny all the tips and tricks to landing the perfect kiss. This is a cherishable moment, but intimacy can be thrown out the door!

Sweet Home Alabama

“Why would you want to marry me for, anyhow?” “So I can kiss you anytime I want.”

Kissing and falling in love with your high school sweetheart is one thing, but what about your childhood love? This phenomenal kiss turns back time and reminds Melanie and Jake of what matters most in life, each other. The two can never escape the past. And, who doesn’t love a passionate kiss on the beach?

Pretty Woman

“I want the fairytale.”

Kissing on the mouth invokes romantic feelings and indicates there is something more than just meaningless sex. If you want something bad enough, you can get anything you want. Luckily for Vivian, her dream turned into a reality. Her charming prince found her, rescued her and finally kissed her. The scene is so pure!

Cruel Intentions

Getting to first base can be scary, and quite embarrassing if you have no idea what to do. While Kathryn does, in fact, have cruel intentions and is poisoned with envy, she does help naive Cecile learn how to kiss. But, was it for the right reason? That’s for you to find out! But, hey, the kissing guide is there if you need it.

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

It’s honestly everyone’s dream to kiss their crush! Teenage innocence turns into romance, but not without a little embarrassment and drama first as Lara’s letters about all the boys she’s previously loved are sent out. Nevertheless, it worked in her favor! She got the steamy kiss she wanted on the lacrosse field, and we’re here for it!

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