Our 8 Favorite CW Sibling Duos!

Whether you’re a Gossip Girl or Supernatural fan, these brothers and sisters remind you just how great it can be to have a sibling in your life.

The CW network has spent years giving us some of the best shows, sitcoms, and action-packed series. The plotlines are always intriguing, and the dialogue and characters are beyond inspiring. However what we love the most are the dynamics between the people, especially the siblings. Each of the CW’s shows is unique, but one thing most have in common is their character’s realistic and lovable siblings.

Damon and Stefan Salvatore

Up first, we have the immortal, blood-sucking brothers from The Vampire Diaries. If traveling through centuries, falling in love with the same women, and battling the most powerful dark forces together doesn’t create a strong sibling bond, we don’t know what else would. Although these two brothers have their ups and downs – which may be an understatement – their bond is unbreakable no matter which vampire or curse they’re fighting. We love seeing the two get along, especially because they’re the only family they have left, but we have to admit their quick wit and sarcasm with each other gives us a good laugh!

Anissa and Jennifer Pierce

These powerful sisters from Black Lightning are just like any typical sister relationship. Except for the fact that they have electric powers, this sisterly dynamic is truly like any other! Their DNA is definitely more advanced than the average human, and their values of heroism create a lasting bond no matter what kinds of danger they face. Anissa fits the older sister role perfectly as she tries to find the balance between being overprotective of her younger sister Jennifer and letting her learn life lessons for herself.

Jenny and Dan Humphry

Name a more iconic sibling duo than these two. Breaking into the Upper East Side society is pretty tricky, but the Humphry’s managed to leave their mark on New York City’s elite. Dan and Jenny always have each other’s backs when it counts. Their bond stems from their family as well as their master plan of making a name for themselves other than the nobody at Constance Billard and St. Jude’s. Dan is extremely protective of Jenny, helping her when she gets in trouble with Blair or her minions. Jenny equally has her brother’s back, helping him with a particular Gossip Girl website.

Sam and Dean Winchester

The Supernatural brothers have a unique bond. Dean, the older brother, was at a young age tasked with protecting his younger brother. As the two brothers navigate the unnatural world that they live in, their bond only grows stronger. They always have each other’s backs and never give up!

Annie and Dixon Wilson

The Wilson siblings have always been close and grew even close after going through all the high school traumas that come along with moving to the 90210 area code. Helping each other through relationships, to arch nemesis’, and much more drama, these siblings are one of our absolute favorites to watch!

Jordan and Olivia Baker

The All American star twins have our hearts! The Baker family wouldn’t be the same without them. They are such loving siblings, especially when they welcome their half-brother, Spencer, into their lives and home. Their sense of humor is elite just like everything else about them.

Fallon and Steven Carrington

These two siblings couldn’t be more different from each other but somehow manage to have an iconic brother-sister dynamic. Their Dynasty lifestyle is another level of crazy, but at the heart of it all, their relationship stays strong. The Carringtons are always looking out for each other and even if it appears that they don’t have the other’s best interest at heart, in the end, the siblings always look out for each other


Serena and Eric Van Der Woodsen

Of course, our other dream team sibling duo from Gossip Girl is on the list of our favorites. From season 1 we see how Serena takes care of her younger brother and is willing to do whatever she can to make sure he’s happy. We love seeing this side of Serena and watching her receive the same love that she gives to everyone else.

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