Non-Traditional TikTok Pets Taking the App by Storm

We love pet-tok and seeing all the adorable and sometimes unconventional animals. Here are seven viral animals that will give you daily doses of oxytocin!

The recent widespread popularity of TikTok has led to the emergence of niche communities. Perhaps you are on Broadway-Tok, fitness-Tok, or even berries-and-cream-Tok, but my most prominent feed follows the adventures of exotic pets I did not know I needed in my life. Read on to meet the seven lil’ animals that bring smiles to millions of faces each day!


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Gaitlyn Rae is a nine-year-old black-cap capuchin monkey. After winning over audiences with her love for slime, Gaitlyn receives influxes of fan mail daily. With a whopping 7.8 million followers on TikTok, Gaitlyn knows how to keep the fans coming back for more. She enjoys fidget toys, lettuce, and grooming her family by picking through their hair. Gaitlyn is a very independent monkey! When instructed to grab a cup from the cabinet, she knows exactly where to go, and when her family is cooking dinner, she helps out by snapping the ends off green beans and opening crab shells with a mallet.

For more footage of Gaitlyn opening treats with her dog and cat siblings, make sure to follow @gaitlyn.rae on TikTok and Instagram. You can get her merch at and send fan mail to PO box 1991 Elizabeth City NC 27906 or 


Juniper is a North American red fox in a home full of rescued exotics. Juniper and her family have 3.5 million followers on TikTok, and she loves the attention. Juniper is a sassy six-year-old who loves cuddling and snacks. Although she can be mistaken for an average house dog at first glance, Juniper’s little squeals and iconic fox tail give her true identity away. In the house, Juniper can be found flirting with her dog boyfriend, Moose.

To learn more about “the happiest fox” and friends, follow @juniperfoxx on TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter and/or head on down to  


Rose and Winston are two teeny tiny Leucistic sugar gliders who have conjured up 171.3K followers on TikTok and rapidly climbing. Rose and Winston can be recognized by their triangular faces, tiny tongues, and huge eyes. These sugar gliders have a lot of energy and can be found jumping incredible distances in the air. While leaping, their winged arms open, allowing them to fly like hang gliders. While outdoors, they can be easy to miss on account of their size in comparison to grass but look closely, and you may see a hopping Rose and/or Winston perhaps wearing an itty-bitty hat!

Grab your magnifying glasses and head to their pages on TikTok and Instagram. For business inquires, Rose and Winston can be reached at 


The chinpals are a ragtag group of Chinchillas, self-proclaimed “The Chinfluencers.” This elite squad follows pet Chinchillas Chip, Henry, Knox, and Linus- an audience favorite. The chins mother knows precisely how to entertain their 3.1 million followers; as chinfluencers, the chinpals keep up with the latest TikTok trends, using their little hands and booties to dance and hold up signs to communicate with humans. The chinpals love treats of cheerios and oats, taking dust baths, and conducting with chopsticks, all while occasionally wearing little outfits, of course. Their owner recently directed a Titanic spoof on TikTok entitled “The Titanic in Under a minute.” The caliber of costume and set design deserve Oscars, as well as the fluffy little actors.

To see for yourself, follow @chinpals on TikTokInstagram, and Twitter. They can be contacted at, and true fans can purchase their custom sticker collection at 


Up next, we have Caitlin and her 175lb pet tortoise, Tiptoe! Tiptoe just turned 20 years old and enjoyed a fabulous birthday party with his favorite foods. Tiptoe is a health icon; he loves lettuce, zucchini, tomatoes, peppers, celery, bananas, and of course, watermelon- Tiptoe is obsessed with watermelon. Their 3.9 million followers enjoy watching Tiptoe’s daily routine, from his delicious morning hibiscus flower to nighttime in his groovy yellow shed. Caitlin gives Tiptoe the life of a king with daily bathes, grass time, and pimped-out accessories, including hats, necklaces, and sunglasses. To top it off, Caitlin and Tiptoe often use their large following for good, raising money for different causes and people in need.

To keep tabs on this philanthropic stud, follow @caitlinandtiptoe on TikTok and Instagram and @caitlin_tiptoe on Twitter. You can contact Caitlin and Tiptoe at, send fail mail to PO BOX: 1445, Pac Pal CA 90272, or head to for more info! 


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Freddie is a six-year-old raccoon with 248.9k followers. Freddie is a permitted pet raccoon adored by his loving family. Freddie’s family takes him on adventures in the wilderness, in their car, and even on their boat. While in the car, Freddie can be found in his hanging car seat – safety first! Watching Freddie gives viewers a new perspective on the so-called “trash panda.” Freddie wins over his followers with his relatability. Freddie can be found eating chips before bed, wearing little t-shirts, and running indoors at the sight of snow.

To catch more adventures with Freddie, follow @freddiesworld2971 on TikTok and Instagram because hey, it’s Freddie’s world, and we’re all just living in it! 



Lastly, Gigi is a pygmy marmoset hailing from Las Vegas. She is an emotional support rescue who cannot sit still. Gigi enjoys jumping on strangers, sitting in tiny places like her owners’ shirts, and going on car rides. She likes to hop from dashboard to owner and back in the car, especially out of the window at drive-throughs. Gigi is a very confident monkey; she roams free throughout her residence, using the doggy door to wander in and out of the house. By becoming one of her 485.2K followers, you can watch Gigi zoom through life, eating lollipops and taking morning showers.

Be sure to catch up with Gigi’s shenanigans on TikTok and Instagram.  

Welcome to the exotic pet side of TikTok, it’s wonderful to have you here!

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