Nickelodeon Star Lexi Janicek Dishes On New Series ‘The Really Loud House’!

Nickelodeon star Lexi Jancek talks about joining The Really Loud House cast, shares which cast member gives the best advice, and what she hopes fans will take away from the show!

Lexi Janicek is just getting started in her career and the potential for what she will achieve is limitless. She’s able to make you laugh or cry depending on the role at only eleven years old Janicek is definitely one to watch.

Janicek was able to talk with host Chae’ Jones during about joining the live-action version of The Really Loud House, which castmates gave her the best advice, what she hopes fans will take away from the show, and more.

The Loud House grew as a fan favorite amongst a lot of families with its animation and heartfelt themes in each episode. The series premiered in 2016 and became so popular amongst viewers that Nickelodeon decided to bring these characters to life by giving them the live-action treatment. When asked if she watched the show before she auditioned for the part of Lisa Loud or after, Janiek replied, “I watched it both before the show came out and after because the show has been really popular most of my life. The show started when I was four or five and now I’m eleven. So I’ve been watching it through my childhood same as my family cause I have three older brothers and they were younger when the show came out so they loved the show. We all still really like the show. So I’m super excited to be on a recreation of the show after loving the animation show.”


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Lisa Loud is basically a child prodigy mixed with a mad scientist but overall very unique and she’s not afraid to be who she is. When asked how she thinks she’s similar to her character and where they differ Janicek said, “So there’s big differences in our appearances obviously, um, like she has dark brown hair that she cut herself. So it’s like lab scientist hair and I have long blonde hair. She also has glasses and a lateral lisp. I don’t have either of those. So we look very different in appearance but I think we’re somewhat similar in personality. I mean I’m not like totally like her. The more I play her the more that I see that, dang I do that sometimes like, we’re both rule followers, we take school very seriously, and we also like to look at the facts before we get too emotional about anything.”


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We went over which of her castmates would most likely be the one to prank others, break character first, and which give the best advice, Janicek answered, “Ooh. I feel like Brian would. Brian Stepanek cause he has been acting for a while so if we need acting advice he’d be able to help us with that and he’s also able to help us behave right on set. So he’s just a good advice giver.”

You might remember Brian Stepanek from The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Mostly Ghostly, and Nicky, Ricky, Dicky and Dawn just to name a few.

This recreation of The Loud House brings a new charm to an already familiar show. Fans will get to connect to the Loud family in a new and exciting way with the series. When asked what she hopes fans will take away from the show, Janicek replied, “I hope they take away that family is important and you’ll be able to solve a lot of your problems with your family by your side. Family will help you.”

Not only does Janicek have her new show airing on Nickelodeon, but it’s also not the only project that will be releasing this November. You can watch her in Amazon Prime’s The People We Hate at the Wedding on November 18th playing Young Alice and in Apple TV’s Echo 3 on November 23rd playing Young Amber.

Tune in on November 3rd as the new series The Really Loud House premieres on Nickelodeon.

Wanna find out how she felt working on the set of her new movie The People We Hate At The Wedding and her other new series on Apple TV, her dream acting role, and more, watch the full interview!

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