New TV to Look Forward to in 2024!

With 2023 almost over, it’s time to look towards the horizon and see what 2024 has in store!

With the sun having set on the Hollywood strikes, 2024 is looking to be an interesting time for TV as numerous new projects are quickly emerging, even in only the first quarter of 2024. Hopefully, however, this article can serve as a helpful guide for what you can expect in the next few months!

The Brothers Sun (Netflix)

Hot off the heels from her success with Everything Everywhere All At Once, Michelle Yeoh stars alongside Justin Chien and Sam Song Li in The Brothers Sun, a flashy action-dramedy about a family whose dark past finally catches up with them.

You can catch it on Netflix on January 4th.

Echo (Disney+/Hulu)


Following the character from the Hawkeye show in her own spinoff, Echo centers its titular character as she is on the run from Wilson Fisk’s crime syndicate.

You can expect Echo to take aim on January 10th.

TED (Peacock)


A prequel series to the 2012 movie of the same title, TED follows the vulgar stuffed bear and John, his human best friend, as they grow up together.

It will find its way to Peacock on January 11th.

Death and Other Details (Hulu)

A woman named Imogene Scott finds herself in the absolute nightmare scenario, as she’s accused of a cruise ship murder that seemingly has no possible explanation besides her guilt. Desperate to prove her innocence, she teams up with Rufus Cotesworth (Mandy Patinkin), the “world’s greatest detective and a man she despises”.

You can expect it to set sail January 16th.

A Real Bug’s Life (Disney+)


A natural marriage of Disney’s famous nature documentaries and their storied history, A Real Bug’s Life is described in Disney’s official press release as, “an incredible adventure into nine different micro bug worlds around the globe, where the forces of nature play out on a miniature scale…”.

A Real Bug’s Life will be crawling onto small screens January 24th.

Tracker (CBS)

Based on the book, The Never Game by Justin Deaver, the story of a “reward seeking” (CBS’s words, not mine) survivalist named Colter Shaw, who uses his incredible tracking skills to help law enforcement solve their toughest cases.

It will be premiering on CBS February 11th after the Super Bowl.

Avatar: The Last Airbender (Netflix)

Folks, this one is a doozy. What one has to imagine will probably be the biggest premiere of Winter 2024. Avatar: The Last Airbender is a live-action retelling of the critically acclaimed animated series of the same name. Though there have been talks about what the show might be like since the trailer dropped a month or so back, no allegiances have been made yet.

You can decide how you feel for yourself on February 22nd.

The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live (AMC/AMC+)


Unknowingly thrown into another world with enemies unlike they’ve ever seen, Rick and Michoenne once again must fight to be reunited.

This new Walking Dead experience will be coming to you February 25th.

Elsbeth (CBS)

Based on the character of the same name from The Good Wife and The Good Fight, Elsbeth follows its title character and passion for the law to her new digs of NYC.

It will be premiering February 29th on CBS and Paramount Plus.

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