“New Man, Who Dis?” Season 3 Episode 2 ‘Siesta Key’ Recap & Review

The AfterBuzz TV Siesta Key After Show Podcast breaks down every episode of Siesta Key! From your favorite couples to all the sexy goodness, stay up to date on everything you need to know!
Madison and Ish confront the the Brandon issue. Chole continues to talk behind Juliette’s back. Madison introduces Ish to her parents and her parents aren’t happy about it. Brandon has a new love interest.. Amanda as she tries to convince him that she is what he needs in his life. Kelsey and Juliette throw a housewarming party and things get out of hand with Juliette and Chole get into a physical fight over their ‘friendship’. Brandon and Madison talk out their differences and Brandon realizes that Madison is a lost cause. Cara and Garrett try to work through their relationship problems but can’t come to an agreement.
  • Today’s After Show Was Hosted By: Ally Nasta, DJ Beaulieu, Ebone Chatman

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