New Latin Music Friday!

Don’t you love when artists all collectively decide to release music around the same time? Here are some new latin song releases you absolutely need to add to your playlist.

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Posted On: October 9th, 2020 10:25 pm pst

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#5 ‘Qué Mal Te Fue Remix’ – Natti Natasha x J Quiles x Miky Woodz

Yes! We finally got the remix for this amazing song after Natti Natasha began teasing it on her Instagram.

Fans were unaware of who would be part of the remix but those blanks were filled in once J Quiles and Miky Woodz posted their own teasers on Instagram.

The song and video were released the following day with the theme revolving around social media.

We see each artist using platforms such as TikTok and Instagram Live and even their cameras  to tell the story of the song. They even featured fans who made short videos singing along to the song as well.

The song is available everywhere so make sure to listen!

#4 ‘Volver’ – Ovi x Lenny Tavarez x Brytiago x Natanael Cano

This collaboration is everything! We have artists from three different countries represented in the song. Ovi from Cuba, Natanael from Mexico, Lenny and Brytiago from Puerto Rico.

The song was received well by fans who enjoyed seeing the artists mesh their unique music sounds to create this masterpiece.

Fans speculated of a collaboration after Lenny posted a photo on his Instagram next to Ovi and Natanael in late September.

The song became available October 7 on all streaming platforms and has a music video to go along with it.

You need to go watch it!

#3 ‘Pa Los Gustos Los Colores Remix’ – Javiielo x Brytiago x KHEA x Omy De Oro

Javiielo released the original song on his own over a year ago. He teased his fans with the remix on his Instagram and challenged them to reach 10,000 comments in order for them to hear it.

The challenge was indeed accepted and his post reached almost 15,000 comments. As promised, Javiielo released the song as well as a music video.

The music video has garnered over six million views since it premiered and that number has continuously risen.

Javiielo has collabed with multiple artists in the reggaeton/urban genre in the past and is quickly making his name known.

You can watch the video below!

#2 ‘La Nota’ – Manuel Turizo x Rauw Alejandro x Myke Towers

Colombia and Puerto Rico unite! Rauw Alejandro began teasing this collaboration on Instagram with a simple video.

The video was enough to have fans riled up and anxious to see what the song would entail and it did not disappoint.

The music video, released the same day as the song, brought fans into a toy store where all three artists are merely toys for the woman in the video who is trying to win one of them as a prize. By the end of the video, we see that neither of the guys were picked at all and they look very frustrated.

However, fans of the artists weren’t frustrated at all and praised them for their work on the song.

The song and video concept was interesting and it was done very creatively. Each artist did an amazing job in their respective parts. 

Check the music video out below!

#1 ‘Lo Peor De Mi’ – Lyanno

Ever watched a YouTube Original? No? Well, now is the perfect time to watch Bravas, a Youtube Original series executively produced by Dominican artist Natti Natasha.

This song is part of the official soundtrack for the show and it’s already a hit. Lyanno even has his own part on the show as artist EZQ. Check out the trailer!

Lyanno has been on a steady rise in the latin music scene for his R&B vibe combined with his incredible voice.

He has been working nonstop during this quarantine making sure he releases music to keep his fans entertained. 

If you haven’t heard his new song, you can watch the official video below!


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