Netflix Shows Releasing New Seasons Before the End of the Year!

Although the year is almost over, there are still tons of shows that have new seasons releasing within these last two months, here are some shows you can look forward to watching soon on Netflix! 

Tiger King

Who else also binged this entire documentary when it first came out? Tiger King literally blew up during the beginning of the pandemic and we are still incredibly intrigued about the new season that’s coming to Netflix on November 17th. Joe Exotic and Carol Baskin have the wildest stories and it will be interesting to see how things play out in this new season with everything that has happened since the first season.


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Selling Sunset

The Oppenheim Group is like no other being the dominant brokerage in the Hollywood Hills and Sunset Strip. The show is set to release its fourth season on November 24th, and we cannot be more excited. Last season, we left off seeing so much happen in the company including people falling in and out of love and friendships mending and breaking. We can’t wait to see these amazing women do what they do best and to take a dive into their new relationships as well as how they deal with all of the obstacles that they are thrown into this upcoming season!

The Witcher

The Witcher is not your ordinary Netlfix show, it is an amazing superhuman show that follows the journey of Geralt of Riva, who is a solitary monster hunter. Season two is looking to be more epic than the first with more intense battles than ever before. In season two, we are expecting to see Geralt of Rivia bring Princess Cirilla to his childhood home Kaer Morhen where he protects the girl from all the outside dangers. We can’t wait for December 17th to come!

Money Heist

Money Heist is probably one of the most epic drama series on Netflix and we could not be more excited for the release of part 2 of the fifth season. The new episodes are set to release on December 3d and we have no idea what is going to come our way. The last episode had a huge unexpected moment that shook viewers so it will be interesting to see how the show will move forward from that as well as how everything will play out for the rest of the season!

Emily in Paris

We cannot wait to see Emily Collins in season 2 of Emily in Paris which is set to release on December 22! The first season was filled with new experiences and new relationships so we are intrigued to see how Emily and Gabriel’s relationship pans out as well as what her work life is going to look and be like since now that she’s been in Paris for a while. Hopefully, we get to see more amazing fashion as well as many of her new Parisian adventures!

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