Netflix Original Series With The Biggest Fan Bases!

We are highlighting 3 Netflix original series that seem to have the most fans based on viewership and social media presence.

Watching Netflix’s original series is always fun, but it’s really the fans that make the experience that much better. With so many series out there, we’ve started to wonder which ones have the biggest fan bases. Based on how many people have watched the shows as well as the fandom’s presence on social media, we’ve rounded up 3 original series that seem to have the most fans!

Squid Game

Squid Game became an overnight sensation! With 142 million households watching the series when it premiered on Netflix in September of 2021, the series was the only thing that people could talk about and it didn’t matter that the show was in Korean. Everyone around the world was obsessed.

#SquidGame has a total of 73.4 billion views on TikTok. And currently, 28.6 thousand people follow the official Squid Game Twitter account as we wait for season 2. The fans all came together for their love of the show and we are sure that the fandom will only grow as we anticipate the second season!

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Bridgerton took over the world when season 1 premiered at the end of 2020. You couldn’t scroll on social media without seeing at least one thing about the show. That isn’t surprising since 82 million households watched the first season; that’s right, 82 million! With the second season out now, we’re sure that the number of households that have watched is just as high.

Fans shared their love for the show on TikTok, with #Bridgerton totaling 11.1 billion views. Because the world was still on lockdown, people grew inspired and the Bridgerton musical was born. If you haven’t yet heard the soundtrack by Barlow & Bear, which has won a Grammy award, you are missing out! But no worries, you have time to take a listen as we wait for Bridgerton season 3 production to begin.

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The Witcher

Last but certainly not least is The Witcher fandom. 76 million households watched the first season when it was released on Netflix in 2019. The show, which was adapted from the novel series of the same name, gave fans a new fantasy world to explore. And it didn’t hurt that Henry Cavill played Geralt of Rivia.

The official The Witcher Twitter account currently has 497.6 thousand followers and #thewitcher has 1.5 billion views on TikTok. Fans have gathered on social media to share their love for the series, which has two seasons presently. Luckily, Netflix has recognized how much the world loves The Witcher, and season 3 is in production right now!

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