My Manifested Sports Illustrated Dream!

It is possible to manifest the things you want most in life. This is the story of how I manifested one of mine involving Sports Illustrated! 

Many years ago, I had a vision board. It was in my Los Angeles apartment and I remember setting intentions for the board. I cut out each image meticulously while visualizing myself in each image. Whether it was a girl on a billboard for Aerie Real or a gorgeous home in Montecito. I’ve always been a visual person. From the early age of thirteen, I always had big dreams. I often would stare out of the window in my 7th-grade math class, and think about an alternate universe. 

To be transparent with you all, my “ADHD” mind, (as some would call it) truly made me insecure. I noticed that my mind typically didn’t pay attention in class or anything that required too much attention. 

I honestly felt unconfident when my teachers would call me out for staring out the window or for not getting an answer right. I kept assuming that I was dumb or not normal for not being academically smart. The moment the school bell would ring, I bolted home to watch tv shows such as Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory, The Buried Life, and any other MTV show. I felt so drawn into these shows. When I clicked play, it was as if my sense of reality got lost in the amazing joy of these shows. From the crazy adventures of entrepreneur Rob Dyrdek and his crew to the long journey of completing bucket lists of “100 things to do before we die” with the buried life boys. I felt heard, seen, and understood by these incredibly talented humans.

Credit: Megan Gallagher


I remember one moment, in particular, where I was reading Sports Illustrated Magazine after school. At the age of 14, my own precious body was changing. I often felt insecure when I walked the halls of my high school. I constantly was on a merry-go-round loop of comparison and judging. I looked at the tan, tall and blonde girls up and down as I began to second guess my outfit of the day. 

Those moments stayed with me for years. Each negative comment towards myself felt like a tally etched into my soul. I felt like the pale, short, and stocky girl. I was athletic, had a large forehead and naturally strong legs. In real life, I felt like an alien at times, yet when I read these magazines filled with women of all heights, body types, and races. I actually felt recognized, for the first time. To feel that at 14, is something I will never forget. 

So fast forward, 11 years later. I am 25, living in Miami as a public speaker and author. I’ve turned my painful past into positivity for the young adults of America. On one sunny morning, I receive a call to co-host a sports illustrated red carpet for the Miami swim week event in July. 

Credit: Megan Gallagher

I was shocked and over the moon all at once. I thought to myself, “How could this be?”. Me, the girl that grew up idolizing this legendary magazine. The girl that would race home just to read it in my room (which also was covered with pictures from the magazine). I knew, at that moment, that manifestation was real. 

Credit: Megan Gallagher

As I prepped for my red carpet interviews, I scrolled through the guest list of celebrities attending. It included some models from the actual magazine as well as NFL stars, famous actors, and influencers. I gleamed with joy as I saw the guest list included all of the models I had been following for years, online, would be attending the event. 

On the day of the red carpet, I looked in the mirror and said out loud, “ You are amazing, beautiful, and talented”. I said those words over and over until I felt them. That’s the power of our thoughts, they actually can physically change how we feel. 

I then did my own hair and makeup, as I glanced into my closet to see which outfit I wanted to wear. I decided upon some pink high-waisted shorts and a snake print bodysuit. 

The entire night was fabulous and filled with so many full-circle moments. From meeting my role models to the editor in chief of sports illustrated MJ Day and David Dobrik. It was a night I will never forget.

About the Author

Megan Gallagher

Megan Gallagher is a 2x TED speaker, author, mental health advocate and host for Maria Menounos’ digital network Afterbuzz TV