Must Watch Netflix Stand Up Specials from 2022!

Laughing is the best medicine and thankfully Netflix has us covered! Here are 10 of our favorite standup specials from 2022 you can watch right now. 

The past year has certainly given the comedy world a lot of new material, and thanks to our favorite streaming site, you can reap the benefits right from your own couch. Here are the best Netflix stand-up specials from 2022.

Fortune Feimster, Good Fortune


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For over a year, comedy specials were a strange and uncertain proposition thanks to the pandemic. The ones that did come out were often filmed beforehand, extremely intentional about why they were being filmed and how to do it safely, or they were rushed out the door in a way that gave them a strong sense of timeliness in spite of imperfections. Fortune Feimster’s Good Fortune is a demonstration of how far a strong storytelling voice can get a comedian even under those conditions and is one of the strongest returning specials of the fall season. Feimster’s persona can come off as broad and charisma-fueled, but Good Fortune is a demonstration of her impressive skill in stretching an anecdote to its full comedic limit and having absolute faith that her audience will follow along.

Nick Kroll: Little Big Boy


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If one man could perfectly play out the different characters in his life, it would be Nick Kroll. In Nick Kroll: Little Big Boy, he brings onstage a 4-year-old child, his mother, his father, and impossible bizarre versions of himself. These performances pull you in and immerse you into the comedy set he has prepared, and boy, is it hilarious. The standup special is filled with child-like energy, which can be infectious as you laugh throughout. While he brings back embarrassing poop experiences of his life, you’ll start to wonder how being weird is really a comedic trait that cannot be trained.

Sam Morril: Same Time Tomorrow


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Sam Morril had an interesting rise to the top – he made the world know his worth by streaming his stand-up specials and shows online for free, building a huge following all along. Sam Morril: Same Time Tomorrow airs on Netflix, and he blends in styles from various comedians to find his own voice and penchant for punchlines. He isn’t afraid to take a stand on politics, and whichever side you’re on, you cannot help enjoying his refreshing stabs at the topic. He is a rising star in comedy, and this comedy special is a case to remember.

Bill Burr: Live at Red Rocks


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In Bill Burr: Live at Red Rocks, Bill comes with a different persona – he aims to find a better self of himself. He goes through topics we wouldn’t quite expect from Bill – how his 4-year-old is the anchor behind his anger management, his finding common ground with lesbians, and the like. But Bill still maintains the core element that made him a success – approaching topics most comedians wouldn’t want to be seen within 2 miles of.

Amy Schumer Presents: Parental Advisory

The latest of her releases, Amy Schumer Presents: Parental Advisory puts us in the room with Amy, a new mom, and a happily remarried woman, and we soon come to understand why she is one of the funniest women dominating the stand-up comedy scene. Her jokes stay within the theme of the title, and the overall tone of the show is very relatable to new parents navigating this space. The success of this show, however, lies in the collaboration between the various artists she brings on stage, which include names like Ron Funchess, Jaye McBride, Christina P, and Rachel Feinstein.

Norm Macdonald: Nothing Special

Norm Macdonald was a huge loss to the standup comedy scene, and it may seem surprising to see his name come up again on our list. But Norm Macdonald: Nothing Special is a final episode left behind by the comedian, filmed in early 2020 right before he had a serious medical procedure. Delivered through a webcam, there is a certain introspective element to the entire recording that delivers the comedy in a more effective manner. When paired with the eulogy from six of his comedian friends, the show is a tear-jerker for all the good reasons.

Patton Oswalt: We All Scream


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Patton Oswalt’s We All Scream is full of jokes about the ravages of aging, heinous bodily emissions, the plight of baby boomers in modern America, and who Oswalt thinks he could have become had he just stuck to that darn to-do list he made during COVID lockdown. Oswalt directed the special himself, too, marking his first foray into behind-the-camera art.

Hasan Minhaj: The King’s Jester


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The King’s Jester is packed with descriptions of Minhaj’s driving need for attention, which he often funneled into his work by going after powerful people on The Daily Show and his Netflix series, The Patriot Act. His insider accounts of those experiences make the special notable for fans of Minhaj’s work, but the special is also a striking account of social-media addiction and the way it can drive people to pursue controversy for controversy’s sake.

David Spade: Nothing Personal

The biggest stand-up special to arrive on Netflix in April came courtesy of Joe Dirt himself, David Spade. The special, titled Nothing Personal, is the first on Netflix for the long-time comedian. The special tackles a large array of topics stemming from Spade’s long career, ranging from drugs to crabs — hopefully not in the same story, but you never know. The special was filmed in Minneapolis and represents not only his first Netflix special but also his first stand-up special since 2014.

Iliza Shlesinger: Hot Forever


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Iliza Shlesinger is back again with her sixth stand-up special for Netflix. Hot Forever is full of the host’s thoughts about ugly bras, adulthood, and why way too many grown-ass men think it’s OK to just not have a box spring. (Don’t even get us started on how many guys sleep on bare mattresses. We can’t even.)

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