Must-Add Songs By Queer Women For Your Pride Playlist/Gaylist!

We have 8 must-add songs written by queer women for your pride playlist/gaylist including Fletcher, Zolita, Hayley Kiyoko, Lucy Dacus, Girl in Red, Clairo, and MUNA!

It’s finally June which means Pride month has arrived! And most importantly, it means it’s time to get working on your pride playlist…or rather gaylist. Luckily we have you covered! Check out the 8 songs below by queer women to jumpstart your playlist.

Girls Girls Girls by Fletcher

This hot single was released last Fall and has been on repeat ever since. Fletcher teased it on TikTok and it blew up within the LGBTQ+ side of the app. Sure enough, after gaining attention the song was shortly released. The song is an awesome ode to the queer experience for women and is perfect to sing along to with the windows down this summer.

I F*****g Love You by Zolita

Zolita is an independent queer artist based out of Los Angeles. ‘I F*****g Love You’ completes her trilogy with actor and content creator, Tatachi Ringsby. Check out the music video below and watch her trilogy! It’s the queer representation women loving women (wlw) have been looking for.

For The Girls by Hayley Kiyoko

‘For The Girls’ is the perfect wlw summer song. Kiyoko did a hard launch with this music video to officially come out with her girlfriend, Becca Tilley who was on The Bachelor which is what the music video is based on. Check out the link below to watch the music video!

Kissing Lessons by Lucy Dacus

‘Kissing Lessons’ by Lucy Dacus came out this year in honor of Valentine’s Day. The alternative indie track speaks to growing up queer without acknowledging it until you’re older. Looking back on her childhood, Dacus reflects on having kissing lessons with her close friend pretending to be each others male crushes, an experience many queer women can related to.

I’ll Call You Mine by Girl in Red

‘I’ll Call You Mine’ by Girl in Red is off her sophomore album, If I Could Make it Go Quiet. Girl in Red is a quintessential artists for queer women and non binary folks. This is one of her most popular tracks off the album and is perfect to sing along with.

Sofia by Clairo

‘Sofia’ is one of the most iconic songs to come from Clairo’s debut album, Immunity. Clairo has previously stated the song name came about from her crushes on celebrity actress Sofia Vergara and filmmaker Sofia Coppola. The song serves as a fantasy of what could be with the Sofia’s she’s admired. The song is sweet and the perfect track for your gaylist.

Silk Chiffon ft. Phoebe Bridgers by MUNA

Last but not least is MUNA’s song with Phoebe Bridgers, ‘Silk Chiffon’. This debatably is the best pride song on this list. The music video is based off the iconic But I’m a Cheerleader film. The video is below, check it out! MUNAs self titled album, MUNA is releasing on June 24th, if you like what you hear, be sure to check it out!

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