Movies Coming to Netflix in March 2024!

Netflix is releasing some amazing films during March that you need to have  on your watchlist!

Spaceman – March 1st

Fans can see Adam Sandler portraying an astronaut who went on a solo mission to space. Then he starts to lose his mind due to loneliness, also he starts reminiscing about the past and starts to miss his wife. He feels guilty about the fact he left his wife for so long, and the fear of losing her starts to grow in him. That is where he embarks on a mission to fix things with his wife helped by a mysterious creature named Hanus.

This will be a very interesting film because fans will be able to see Adam Sandler in a different kind of role. It is good to see that Adam is thriving in roles that are also not related to comedy, as in recent years he has been working on different genres.

Damsel – March 8th

In this film we can see the great Milly Bobby Brown, portray an innocent girl who decides to marry a prince in medieval times. Just to find out that everything was a trap and she is going to be thrown into a hole as a sacrifice. Somehow she survives the fall and ends up discovering that in this hole lives a dragon that has been fed sacrifices for many years if not centuries.

She then decides to take things upon herself, and tries to escape from the cave while she is being hunted down by the dragon. Fans will be able to watch this movie on March 8.


Irish Wish – March 15th

Starring Lindsay Lohan, this rom-com follows Maddie Kelly, a woman who travels to Ireland to attend her best friend’s wedding. The one problem is though that she has feelings for the man her friend is supposed to marry. She makes a wish of marrying him instead, and next thing she knows she wakes up next to him. This is when the story takes a turn and things begin to unfold. When she finds out that things would not be as good as she thought they would be.


Shirley – March 22nd

This movie is based on real life events, and we will be able to see the iconic actress Regina King portray the first black congresswoman Shirley Chilshom. The story takes us back to 1972 when she had the courage to achieve what was unthinkable at the time, and was elected for the 1972 presidential campaign.

Even though the trailer is not out yet, there are high expectations for this movie and its historic value.

The Wages Of Fear – March 29th

This french film is a remake of the original made by Henri-Georges Clouzot, this action movie is about an oil well that catches fire threatening the lives of the people who live nearby. And the only solution experts find to stop this issue is to detonate the oil well. They sent a team and they have 24 hours to complete this mission. But of course in their way they will find different obstacles that will try to stop them from completing their mission.

The Beautiful Game – March 29th

Despite showcasing a beautiful game, this movie will also showcase a beautiful story. Starring Oscar nominee Bill Nighy and Top Boy star Michael Ward, this movie is about the Homeless World Cup. It will show the struggles of a homeless soccer team that are taken by their coach to Rome to compete in this cup with the hopes of winning it all. They will face some challenges in their journey to glory because they will have to beat teams from all over the world, but that won’t stop them from achieving their goal.

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