Most Shocking Moments from ‘The Bachelorette’ Season Finale!

From Tino’s notebook to the announcement of the next Bachelor, here is a list of the most shocking moments that occurred on the Bachelorette season finale.

*Contains spoilers from last night’s finale*

Jesse Palmer made it clear to audiences around the world that this would be the most dramatic and shocking season finale yet and oh boy was he right! Along with Palmer, alums Kaitlyn Bristowe, Michelle Young, Becca Kufrin, Sean Lowe, and his wife Catherine Giudici made an appearance to see how this finale would play out. The Bachelorette finale premiered live last night as thousands around the world watched the ending of Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia’s journey to finding love.  Part One of the finale concluded with Rachel sending Aven home after coming to the realization that he was not ready to propose; leaving Tino as the only man left. For Gabby, Erich told her that he wanted to continue dating and was not ready to get down on one knee. The real question still stands for Part Two on if Windey and Recchia would get their happy endings. Read below to see the most shocking moments on the conclusion of this season’s The Bachelorette! 

The Notebook

The finale began with seeing the end of Rachel Recchia’s journey. Tino got down on one knee and professed his love to the pilot. The two began their happily ever after as they frolicked in the distance on a white horse. Although it seemed surreal for Recchia, the rest of her love story went down in pieces. After filming it would come to light that Tino cheated on Rachel by kissing another woman that he knew before going on the show.

The two came together to try and work things out in person. The conversation between Rachel and Tino was filmed where they spoke for the first time since the incident. Tino pleaded that after he kissed the woman he knew right away that he belonged to Recchia, without apologizing for his acts. As they continued to argue, Franco opened up a notebook pulling receipts on the pilot. In the notebook some of the bullets included: “I don’t know how this is going to work”, “I can’t do happy couples this weekend like we planned”, “Jokingly would you be the next bachelor”, “I don’t want to go to therapy”, and lastly, “I’m giving back the ring because I can’t wear it to AFR (after the rose)”.

The shocking moment continued with Franco walking outside and pleading to a producer to just tell Recchia to break up with him and let him out. Their conversation was brought to a close with Recchia ending their engagement.

Gabby Windey Was Engaged When Meeting With Rachel To Talk About Tino

Although audiences were focused on Recchia and Franco’s lover’s quarrel, social media was focused on something else that was happening. Those in BachelorNation were shocked to come to the realization that Windey was already engaged before finding out the end of her story on air. As Windey went to comfort Recchia and give advice on what to do about the situation, there was a clip of her with her wedding ring on her finger.

Fans took to Twitter to show the clip to viewers around the world which led to a major spoiler on the finale.

The Appearance of Aven Jones

After witnessing what was happening after Rachel and Tino’s confrontation on air, Palmer brought the two together again to hash it out on the stage. Viewers around the world were brought back to the nineties sitcom Friends. The known couple became Ross and Rachel 2.0 as Recchia told Franco numerous times “we were never on a break”. Franco began to circle around the issue and continued to talk about what happened on screen that everyone watched.

Although things were looking down for Recchia, her prince charming returned to sweep her off her feet as Palmer was going to move on to the end of Windey’s journey. Aven Jones made an appearance demanding to speak to Rachel and wanting to know if she would want to get out of here and catch up. While Recchia and Jones walked off the stage, Franco and Palmer stood together awkwardly as the show cut to a commercial break; moving on to Windey. Recchia never returned to the couch for the rest of the night.

Revelations of Erich Schwer’s Past

Although Recchia had an unfortunate ending to her journey, Windey ended up being with the love of her life. Windey’s journey concluded with Schwer deciding to get down on one knee and proposed to the newest contestant of Dancing With The Stars. As the two were brought into the hot seat, Palmer began to address the elephant in the room. Before Part Two of The Bachelorette even aired, rumors on Schwer continued to circle around the internet that were brought up on last night’s finale.

Palmer brought up the recents text messages that got leaked between Schwer and his ex-girlfriend. It had been rumored that he broke up with her to come onto the show and that he believed that love wasn’t real on the series. Windey forgave Schwer and knew of the text messages circling before they were leaked to the news outlets. She proceeded to say that what he did was wrong. Schwer commented that he handled the situation poorly, took the easy way out, and was a coward. He made one final note that he has no hard feelings for his ex and understood her actions at the time. The two left more in love than ever.

The Next Bachelor & America’s First Impression Rose

When it comes to any Bachelor Franchise finale, audiences around the world look forward to one last surprise; who will be the next one to find love? Palmer announced that the next Bachelor in line would be Zach Shallcross, who left after his fantasy suite with Recchia. His main goal is to fall in love with his best friend.

Not only was Shallcross announced as the Bachelor, but his journey began last night on the season finale. Five women flew out to meet this Tech Executive in hopes of finding love. Last night was also the first time in Bachler Nation history where America would be voting to give out the first impression rose. Out of the five women, Brianna was the one to receive it.

Although Recchia and Windey’s love story has come to a close. The night ended with a never before seen preview of Bachelor In Paradise which airs next Tuesday, September 27th on ABC and for streaming on Hulu. Let us know at AfterBuzz TV if our top shocking moments from the finale made your list. Get ready to dive in next week as we begin to talk about all the tornados that will hit on Bachelor In Paradise!

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