Moments from ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’ Season 2 That Left Us Shook!

There are so many moments that have left our jaws dropped from the first 4 episodes of the second season of TSITP. Check out some moments that left us shook!

Susanna Being Gone 

If you haven’t read the books, you were probably just as shocked as we were when Belly announced that Susanna passed away. We knew there was a chance but honestly thought she was still going to be in at least part of the second season. We were definitely in denial for most of the first episode! 

Jeremiah’s Reaction to Belly and Conrad

I think it’s easy to say that all of us were in shock by how Jeremiah acted when Belly told him about her and Conrad. We’re all so used to the sweet golden retriever boy and that is not what we saw from him when he got the news. With that being said, we would say that he’s been making up for it in this recent episode…

Conrad Leaving Belly at Prom 

In the first episode, we finally got to see the Conrad and Belly content we had all been dying for in the first season. And although we knew they broke up eventually, this is not what we expected! Conrad just leaving her like that was probably the last way we expected things to end between them. 

Conrad and Belly Wishing They Never Dated 

Things did not end well between Belly and Conrad when he left her at prom, and they clearly weren’t going to be friends soon after the breakup. Seeing them at Susanna’s funeral though was probably the last thing we expected to see. Saying they hate each other and wishing they never dated was even worse! 

The Furniture Being Gone 

The most recent act that left our jaws dropped was the recent ending to the third episode when all of the kids came back to the house and all of the furniture was gone. Our stomachs sank much as we know all the kids did as well. 

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