Mind-Bending Psychological Thrillers Like ‘The Perfection’ To Watch On Netflix!

If you love a movie that will mess with your head, check out these Netflix thrillers and horror flicks that will scramble your brain!


Independent videographer Aaron responds to a job advertisement from a man who wants to document a day in his life to his unborn child before he dies. As the day goes on, the man’s requests become increasingly stranger, and Aaron has no idea what he has gotten himself into.

The Perfection

This grotesque, unpredictable movie makes you wonder what is next in every scene. Charlotte, a prodigy cellist, returns after a leave to her music academy, where she finds another young musician, Lizzie, who has replaced her. A dark story plays out between the two musicians.

The Platform

A man named Goreng wakes up in a concrete vertical prison where food is delivered from the top level to the bottom level on a traveling platform. His roommate explains that there is never enough food for the people on the lower levels, and people change levels every month. Goreng must fight to stay alive during his six-month stay, and he aspires to make things right in the prison so that every level gets its fair share of food.


Ellen, a young violinist who is newly blind, must follow the directions of her new caretaker, Clayton, who comes to her new apartment every day to help her adjust emotionally and physically. However, without her sight, Ellen is unsure of who she can really trust. The viewer can see what Ellen sees, so, like Ellen, you will never know who to trust.

Gerald’s Game

A married couple comes to an isolated cabin in the woods for a getaway, in hopes of reviving their romantic spark. The husband, Gerald, dies suddenly of a heart attack, leaving his wife Jessie handcuffed to the bedpost without anyone to uncuff her. Jessie must keep herself alive and attempt to escape, leading to her undergoing a psychological challenge.

The Rental

Two couples rent a remote house for a weekend trip. Although the owner of the property is disrespectful to them, they attempt to make the most of the weekend. The tension between the couples, the oddities of the house, and unseen problems cause their trip to unravel.

Level 16

In this science-fiction psychological thriller, a completely isolated all-girls boarding academy teaches young girls the “feminine virtues” that will make them proper young ladies. Together, two of the girls try to uncover the truth about the school.

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