Maya Vander Said After Her Second Child She Finally Felt Complete

Selling Sunset is a Netflix series that is taking over many flat screens around the country. Season three was filled with beautiful big homes and of course big drama to match! Maya Vander is known on the show for her fun sayings, boss mentality, and being a new mother.

There’s no secret that Maya Vander travels back and forth from Miami to Los Angeles for family and to sell homes. Currently, Vander lives in Miami and she said if there was a season four she would love to show more of her time selling homes there.

“It would be cool to show Miami a little bit and I think it’ll be fun aspect to the show,” she said.

She also said she didn’t get as much camera time as she thought she would this season. Vander said she is open to returning for a season four, however she does hope that if she commits, production would show more of her family life and traveling between Miami and Los Angeles.

“I would love to be apart of Selling Sunset if we could make it work with me, maybe we fly back and forth, that would be ideal,” she said. “I would love for them to show me maybe one or two scenes with my children and me even home doing emails or talking on the phone, with my kids all over the place because a lot of people can relate,” she said.

Love and relationships were another huge element of season three. She said she would love to show her husband, but his line of work won’t allow it.

“Unfortunately, my husband cannot be on the show because he has a job that is in finance…he can’t just be on a reality show,” she said.

Fans of both the show and Vander know she loves being a mom. She said she is enjoying motherhood and it’s one of the best feelings she’s ever had.

“Getting up in the morning, picking him up from his bed, smiling, and getting so excited, it’s a big feeling. Especially after my second, I feel even more complete,” she said happily.

She also said even though schools are wanting to reopen because of a decrease in cases in Los Angeles, she still is in limbo on allowing her son to go to school.

“It’s a very tough decision…cases are turning down and I’m hoping for the best,” she said optimistically.

She continued to say that socialization is important for children and in this case, she wants her son to still receive those skills but, in a safe environment.

“It’s a very tricky situation… I mean, we don’t know, the virus is still unknown,” she said.

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