Mariah Carey Teases Christmas Collab & Fans are Guessing Who its With!

Mariah Carey took to social media to tease a Christmas collab and fans have been guessing who they think it’s with!

The queen of Christmas, Mariah Carey, may be coming out with new music for the holiday season!

That’s right! Christmas celebrators and music lovers have been begging Mariah to release new, festive music for years. Well, it looks like that time may have finally come!

A few days ago, the singer posted this teaser on her Twitter.

The caption of the photo simply reads a Christmas tree – a clear indicator of Christmas music.

The photo also features three chairs with the initials AG, MC, and JH. Of course “MC” stands for “Mariah Carey,” but what do the other initials stand for? Fans have been taking some very educated guesses!

The majority of fans seem to believe that “AG” probably stands for Ariana Grande.

This is by far the most popular theory for the “AG” initial and it has fans freaking out! The stars have previously been rumored to have beef that ended last year.

The most popular theory for the “JH” initial is that it stands for Jennifer Hudson. This is leading fans to dream of a Mariah Carey, Ariana Grande, and Jennifer Hudson Christmas collab.

People have been hyping this trio up so much that if it’s not them they will be thoroughly disappointed.

Other theories for the “AG” initials include Spiderman actor Andrew Garfield. Not sure how much I’m buying that one though!

Comedian and actor, Jonah Hill, is another name being thrown around for the “JH” initials.

Who do you think the initials stand for? Personally, I’d love to see a Mariah Carey X Jonah Hill collab. One can dream, right?

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