‘Love Island USA’ – Where Are They Now?

Take a look at some of our favorite cast members throughout the seasons of Love Island USA and find out where they are now!

Elizabeth Weber

Elizabeth went into the first season of Love Island and ended up leaving with the person she coupled up with on day 1. They won the season and she instantly became a fan favorite! Unfortunately, she and her boyfriend at the time, Zac, broke up quickly after the show ended, and haven’t been together since. However, Elizabeth is still very active on social media and is the co-host of the podcast After the Island where she gives behind-the-scenes information about Love Island and her time on the show!

Alex Stewart

This brings us to another fan favorite from season 1, Alex. Alex was also in a coupling for the majority of the season. Her couple ended up even being the runners-up, and we were at the edge of our seats to see who would win between these two couples! Fans quickly loved Alex because of her outgoing and carefree personality which was refreshing to see on reality tv. Alex and her boyfriend also broke up after their season ended, however, she is now best friends with Elizabeth and the other co-host of After the Island!


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Calvin Cobb

Calvin was a cast member on season 2 of Love Island and he also gained popularity from fans through his quick humor and genuine personality. He placed third at the end of the season in his couple with Moira, but the two decided to call it quits a couple of months after the season finale. Nowadays, Calvin is still pursuing a modeling career and posts fairly consistently on Instagram.


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Korey Gandy

Korey was a contestant in season 3 of the show, quickly becoming a favorite of other cast members and fans watching the show! He had a big brother personality on the show, and even though he wasn’t in a consistent couple for a long period of time, cast members and viewers kept him on the island because of his lovable personality. Korey is yet another contestant who is no longer in his relationship from Love Island, however, they seemed to end things on good terms! He now sells his own merch and is present on TikTok and Instagram.


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Zeta Morrison

Zeta was part of the winning couple in season 4 of Love Island, but they too decided to end things after the show ended. Now, Zeta is pursuing an acting career, has her own blog called Zeta Confidential, and her own Youtube channel!


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