‘Love is Blind’ – Where Are They Now?

After four seasons of Love is Blind, it can be hard to keep up with what couples remain together. Follow along as we take you through these 7 couples’ stories and where they are now!

Amber and Matt

Amber and Matt dated steadily in the pods in season 1 of Love is Blind, with a connection that caught the attention of many viewers. However, Matt dated two other women for a bit and struggled to make a decision about whom he was going to propose to. He ultimately chose to be with Amber, and although the pair remained steady, there was some drama during their engagement in regard to Jessica, an ex of his. Despite this, the couple worked through all of their differences and ended up saying “I do” in the finale episode. Now, the couple is going on 5 years of marriage and appears to be in a healthy relationship!

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Lauren and Cameron

Lauren and Cameron had a much more stable relationship during their time on season 1 of Love is Blind. The pair immediately fell in love and soon after were engaged. They quickly became fan favorites and unsurprisingly got married during the season finale. Since then, the pair has started a Youtube channel, bought a house, and published a book together. It’s clear that the couple remains happily married, and we’re glad to see it!

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Matt and Colleen

Matt and Colleen had a bit of a rocky road during their time on Love is Blind, and fans either love their relationship or hate it. Despite their challenges, the couple ultimately said “I do” at the altar and were seen happily married in the season 3 reunion episode. However, at the reunion, they surprised fans by announcing that they were not yet living together. This received both backlash from fans as well as support to take their time during their unique process. Recently, Matt and Colleen debunked any doubt they received and announced that they just bought their home together, and they’re living happily in Dallas!


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Alexa and Brennon

Alexa and Brennon are ultimate fan favorites on Love is Blind. They fell in love quickly in the pods and remained stable during the entirety of their engagement. If there was any couple to place your money on in Season 3, it was them. As expected, the two are still married, actively share their relationship on social media, and just celebrated their 2 year anniversary together!

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Chelsea and Kwame

Chelsea and Kwame were a couple that didn’t receive a lot of support from fans as season 4 was premiering on Netflix. Kwame was seen flirting on cameras with an ex of his from the pods, causing him to receive a lot of backlash very early on. Despite this, after long talks with Chelsea, she forgave him and they ended up having a fairly strong engagement in the weeks after. There were a few bumps, but they managed to work through all of their problems, and said yes at the altar! They remain happily together to this day and aim to be an example of effective communication within relationships.

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Bliss and Zack

Bliss and Zack were yet another couple that had a rocky road in Season 4. There’s a lot of drama behind this story, so let’s sum it up for you. Zack was dating both Bliss and Irina in the pods and ultimately decided to break up with Bliss and propose to Irina. Shortly after, it was obvious that Irena didn’t want to be in the relationship anymore, so they broke things off. Zack and Bliss then continued to date on the show shortly after and eventually ended up getting engaged. Although not many fans support this unorthodox engagement, the couple did get married and are still very happy together!

Tiffany and Brett

Tiffany and Brett were probably the most stable couple of season 4, and it was no surprise when they said yes at the altar. One year later, they’re still going strong as they continue to share their journey with fans!

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