‘LOTR: The Rings of Power’: Most Badass Galadriel Moments!

In Amazon Prime’s The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, we follow Galadriel as our main protagonist as she fights off orcs and tries to eliminate Sauron’s remaining forces. Here’s a list of her most badass moments in the show.

The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power features Galadriel before she was a powerful forest witch, back when she was a general at war. She fought orcs, led armies, trained soldiers, survived perilous wastelands, and journeyed all over Middle-Earth. In short, she’s a total badass. To celebrate this character and her total badassery, here’s a short list of Galadriel’s most badass moments in Rings of Power.

The Troll Fight

In one of Galadriel’s first scenes, we see her take on a snow-troll that attacked her men. Prior to this scene, we see her literally scaling a mountain and traversing ancient ruins. We see her handle this fight with swiftness and grace–she literally used the sword as one of her men as a ramp to jump up and slice the troll’s back! She then, single-handedly, sliced him until he was weak on the ground. When it tries to get back up and attack, she just takes a dagger and quickly stabs him in the head, walking away without a scratch! This is practically our first introduction to Galadriel, and she’s already showing how skilled she is in battle.

Jumping Off the Boat

While jumping off the boat to Valinor may not have been the best decision for her mental health, it’s not as if Galadriel was wrong in believing Sauron’s remaining followers were trying to bounce back. We can see her struggle with the idea of her just heading back to her Elven homeland when she can feel in her gut that something’s not quite right. For better or for worse, she followed it, and you gotta admit… it was kind of awesome. Who else would be able to jump off a boat in the middle of the ocean and SURVIVE? Let’s be honest, we all knew she was going to be fine. Speaking of which…

Surviving at Sea

Galadriel survives being stranded at sea and then is one of two to survive the attack of a sea monster. The other human survivors she meets at sea treat her terribly due to her Elven heritage, and they pay the price for not having her on their side. She and Halbrand then withstand treacherous waters for who knows how many days on end. These two make an extremely dynamic duo, which doesn’t take away from the fact that Galadriel is essentially a tank now. After this scene, audiences pretty much knew that this woman can survive anything and take on any challenge. 

The Training Sequence

To train the men of Númenór, Galadriel challenges the soldiers to try and “score flesh.” The task is anything but easy as Galadriel practically dances out of their way. Getting any kind of purchase on Galadriel is such a difficult task, the person who’s able to would get promoted to leftenant. Galadriel gets attacked by five soldiers at once, takes one of their swords, and fights them all off effortlessly. She demonstrates just how easily she’d be able to land a killing blow on any of them, and literally tells them how to beat her and they still fail. Valadil succeeds, but only barely as he just gets a scratch on her. It was so fun to see her take on five soldiers with zero effort, and you could tell it was fun for her too. Watching that scene was just a reminder of how you really can’t mess with Galadriel–she’ll end you without batting an eye.

The Battle in the Southlands

The realization that Galadriel is a true badass only makes the battle against Adar and his orc army in the Southlands that much more satisfying. The arrival of her and the Númenórian army was a huge turning point in the battle that saved countless lives. We see her dodge an arrow by literally leaning halfway off her horse, still riding it, before using that position to decapitate the orc that shot at her–WHAT! She does the trick again when, without even looking to see it coming, she dodges a spear in pursuit of Adar. Adar had a huge head start against her, but she raced to catch him and DID. She and Halbrand–our dynamic duo–easily take him down. Again, her effortlessness in battle never misses and is so entertaining to watch. Galadriel is truly the most badass character in this show and it is amazing to see her shine.

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