Locations You Can Visit From Netflix’s ‘Outer Banks’

Whether it’s JJ’s house, the Pogue’s hangout, or even the marshes they so often visit, most of these locations were shot in the city of Charleston, South Carolina, which is also home to shows like Bravo’s Southern Charm. Wilmington, North Carolina, was the initially intended filming location. However, according to Wilmington Star-News, Netflix decided to move production one state down in response to North Carolina’s House Bill 2 legislation. This law forces people to only use the bathroom corresponding to their gender assigned at birth, which received heavy backlash due to its exclusion of the transgender community.

The locations in South Carolina have given us all the summer feels, and if you wish you could go in real life then good news, you can! Here is a list of all the spots you can visit whenever you want.

The Kook’s Country Club

This venue where JJ works and the Kooks often have events such as the Midsummer party from Season 1 is a real country club. Located on Kiawah Island, the club is called The Kiawah Island Golf Resort and is just a quick drive from downtown Charleston. The clubhouse used for most scenes is the Ocean Course clubhouse.

John B and Sarah Cameron’s Shopping Spree and Adventure

In season 1, John B and Sarah must go shopping to appear more classy and professional before heading to UNC-Chapel Hill to find more information on their treasure hunt. This escapade begins with a boat trip where the pair exits onto a dock. In real life, the dock belongs to a private apartment building and is located between the Charleston Maritime Center and the South Carolina Aquarium off Concord Street. While the dock used is private, you can walk along the public dock area to take a water taxi or get a glimpse of it from the Aquarium viewing deck. The store the pair ventures to is an actual store called The Ben Silver Collection, and houses a wide array of seersucker and the like if you want to dress up like a Kook. Sarah and John B pass through another downtown park on their route to Ben Silver, known as Washington Square Park, only a quick walk from Ben Silver. Lastly, when the pair goes to UNC-Chapel Hill, they are actually in the Charleston Gaillard Center. The newly renovated auditorium is located on Calhoun Street, a few minutes walk from the Concord street docks.

The Shops

Multiple scenes take place at a fictitious shopping area, and the location is even home to a couple of chase scenes for John B & the gang. This real location is Pitt Street in Mount Pleasant, a quick drive from downtown. The Pitt Street Bridge, Pitt Street Pharmacy, and St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church are some of the sites used. Many local businesses were decorated with fake business signs to give the impression that the hangout was located in the Outer Banks. Some Notable locations on Pitt Street include ​​Sandy Point Surf Shop (known as Kildare Island Surfboard store in season two) and the Kildare County Sheriff Station.

Heyward’s seafood

The local eatery belonging to Pope’s father that also employs Kiara in season 1 is a real-life restaurant known as The Wreck. The restaurant is located in Shem Creek, a major waterway through the Mt. Pleasant area prominently used throughout the series, mainly in many boat scenes. Another notable Shem Creek location featured is Geechie Seafood.

Sarah Cameron’s house

Perhaps one of the most iconic locations of the series is The Cameron house. It is a wedding venue known as Lowndes Grove. Built in 1786, the home is located in the Wagener Terrace neighborhood of downtown Charleston. While it’s not open for general public visitation, you can visit if hosting or attending an event there.

The Gas Station

In season 2, John B and Sarah Cameron get gas and food while running from a man they stole money from. This altercation occurs at Burbage’s Self Service Grocery, a popular local convenience store among locals in the South of Broad neighborhood.

The beach and mansion

The small beach where John B and Sarah Cameron land after their escape from the Bahamas is a tiny strip of beach located next to the Carolina Yacht along the High Battery area. In the series, the mansion that belongs to the Limbrey’s is the Edmondston-Alston House, also located along the Battery not far from the small beach.

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