Life Lessons We Learned From Jack Nicholson

We are celebrating the star’s birthday by taking a look back at 3 times he taught us about the meaning of life.

Today is Jack Nicholson’s 84th birthday! The Hollywood legend has been gracing our screens since 1958 and throughout his illustrious career, he has played an array of characters. In honor of his birthday, we take a look back at life lessons we learned from some of his most iconic roles!

The Bucket List

The film follows two strangers: billionaire Edward Cole, played by Nicholson, and car mechanic Carter Chambers, portrayed by Morgan Freeman. The two meet in a hospital room when they both find out they are terminally ill and decide to set off on the adventure of a lifetime to complete their bucket lists before they die. The comedy is not only wildly entertaining, reaching #1 at the box office, but also teaches us that life is short and we need to enjoy it while we can.

About Schmidt

The 2002 comedy shares the story of Nebraskan ex-insurance actuary Warren Schmidt. Soon after losing his wife, he discovers that she was having an affair, inspiring him to set off to Denver in an attempt to stop his daughter from marrying a man who he believes is not good enough for her. This journey soon became one of self-discovery as Schmidt learns to forgive his late wife, come to terms with his wrong-doings, and develops a new outlook on life. With this newfound energy, he questions whether his life had any meaning or impact on anyone. In his realization, Schmidt teaches us to live our lives to the fullest because if we don’t, we will later look back with regret.

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

The film follows Randle Patrick McMurphy, a criminal who is transferred to a mental institution in an attempt to avoid prison. What he thought would be a less tense environment ends up being twisted in its own way. The head nurse Mildred Ratched acts as a tyrant and maintains her power by abusing her patients with medication, electroconvulsive therapy, and other “treatments.” McMurphy refuses to accept this and rallies a group of other patients to fight back, with him as their leader. The movie teaches us to stand up for ourselves when others are doing wrong, even if they are in positions of authority.

Through his versatile and moving performances, Jack Nicholson has rightfully earned his place as one of the greats. While the actor has reportedly retired from the big screen, his films will always be considered some of Hollywood’s best.

Everyone here at AfterBuzz TV wishes him a happy birthday and we hope he has an amazing celebration!

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