Lexy Kolker Talks All About Working On ‘Manifest West’!

Lexy Kolker discusses what she learned from her character, acting opposite her sister, and who inspires her acting!

Lexy Kolker is a rising star that you’ll want to keep an eye out for. While she might be known for her roles in Freaks, Shooter, and Agents of Shield. Kolker’s performance in her latest movie Manifest West is showing that her potential is limitless.


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Kolker was able to talk with host Chae’ Jones about Manifest West, working with her sister on the movie, what she learned from her character and more.


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Manifest West is a story that deals with mental illness and when unable to want to conform to further societal norms, the family moves to the mountains but even the wilderness comes with its own law and everything spirals out of control. The story is a coming-of-age story told through the eyes of Riley played by Kolker. Everything is very heightened and raw. When asked what she learned about herself while filming, Kolker said, “I definitely, I grew another appreciation for mental illnesses and things like that and childhood traumas because me growing up like I grew up in a great household. I have an amazing family. So I kinda got to see that other side of things. Of what other people go through and just that whole thing. So I think me, as a person I grew a lot from seeing that and sort of experiencing it. I think that it changed me a lot for the better cause I got to see more.”

Riley experiences going from being a carefree child to one who then has to parent her parents. It can take a toll on you. One you might not even recognize until you’re older. Mental health while opening avenues for it to be accessible and talking about it more in some ways it’s still a topic that for some is not the easiest to address especially when it comes to our family.

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You might recognize her real-life sister Ava from Girl Meets World or Sydney To The Max on Disney Channel. This is their first time having the opportunity to act opposite each other. However, they’re not playing sisters in the movie but new friends.

When asked what it was like acting opposite her sister, Kolker replied, “That was so much…that was very cool. When we were filming our scenes like we wouldn’t be afraid to improv or go out of our comfort zone. We could just completely just put because we were comfortable with each other so we could just put all of ourselves out there you know what I’m saying? It was great because me and my sister are very close but in the movie we have our characters definitely have some challenges with each other. So that was really cool to play those different roles with each other.”

Manifest West was also the first movie greenlit by SAG to film during COVID-19. Which had a very small crew to ensure the safety of everyone while filming.

Kolker began acting at a young age and has a true love of the craft. When asked who she gets inspired by in her acting Kolker answered, “Zendaya really inspires me I would say because she is just…she does everything. She sings she dances, she’s a phenomenal actor and she’s a model. She’s stunning and just like all of her performances and everything is just always so amazing. I aspire to be as good as her one day.”

Manifest West is now available to watch on all digital platforms.

To find out if Kolker believes she’d be able to survive out in the wild, what were the most fun and challenging thing about filming this movie, her dream acting role, and more by watching the full interview.

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