Kylie Jenner Promotes Travis Scott’s New Song, Euphoria

Kylie Jenner is living in a state of “Euphoria” with daughter Stormi.

Launching February 1st, the Kylie Cosmetics mogul is releasing an entire collection of makeup dedicated to baby Stormi. There are many sentimental names to the collection like 4:43 eyeshadow, which is the time when Stormi was born.

As eager as people are to order the new cosmetic collection, people are also eager to download the song playing in the background of the collection promo video. It’s called “Euphoria” by none other than Stormi’s daddy, Travis Scott.

This isn’t the first time Kylie has promoted her baby daddy’s music. The beauty mogul was the first to preview La Flame’s top hit song, “Highest in the Room” for her Kybrow promo video.

Although Kylie and Travis are not technically together, I’m glad they can put their differences aside and get that bag together.

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